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William Robertson Sandbach

ancestor table William Robertson Sandbach
16) Adam Sandbach
17) Deborah 18) Richard Hodgekins 19) Rachael Dutton 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) George Robertson 25) Christian Douglas 26) John Bayne 27) Ann Bethune 28) 29) 30) 31)
8) Adam Sandbach
9) Elizabeth Hodgkins
10) Thomas Oulton
11) Elizabeth Challoner
12) Gilbert Robertson
13) Christian Bayne
14) William Forbes 15)
4) Adam Sandbach
5) Martha Oulton
6) Harry Robertson
7) Anne Forbes
2) Samuel Sandbach
3) Elizabeth Robertson
1) William R. Sandbach

Some interesting facts about the first English translator of the OLB, William Robertson Sandbach (1813-1891) West-India merchant from Liverpool.
Fragment of Sandbach genealogy

Stanthorne, Middlewich, Tarporley, Burton-by-Tarvin: Cheshire
Woodlands, Liverpool: Lancashire
Stafford, Stone: Staffordshire

I) William Sandbach, born ca. 1599 Stanthorne, died ca. 1662 Middlewich;
married ca. 1657
Elizabeth Wharton
  1. Adam Sandbach, born ca. 1650 Tarporley ==>> see II)

II) Adam Sandbach, son of (I) William Sandbach and Elizabeth Wharton, born ca. 1650 Tarporley, died 25-8-1709;
married ca. 1672
Deborah ...
  1. Adam Sandbach, born ca. 1690 Tarporley ==>> see III)

III) Adam Sandbach, son of (II) Adam Sandbach and Deborah ..., born ca. 1690 Tarporley, died 4-9-1740 Tarporley, wheelwright;
married (1) 14-6-1709 Tarporley
Mary Huxley, daughter of Richard Huxley and Katherine Hughes;
married (2) 13-3-1719 Tarporley
Elizabeth Hodgkins, born 4-1696 Tattenhall, died 26-3-1768, daughter of Richard Hodgekins and Rachael Dutton.
children (1):
  1. (Mary, born 18-6-1710 Tarporley, died before 1720)
  2. Elizabeth, born ca. 1716
  3. (Adam, born ca. 1716 Tarporley, died 13-5-1716 Tarporley)
children (2):
  1. Mary Sandbach, died after 1800
  2. Margaret Sandbach, born 27-12-1725 Tarporley, died after 1739
  3. John Sandbach, born 25-12-1719 Tarporley, died 1796
  4. Adam Sandbach, born 1-9-1723 Tarporley ==>> see IV)
  5. William Sandbach, born 26-2-1727 Tarporley, died 25-1-1804 Burton-by-Tarvin
  6. Samuel, born ca. 1730
  7. Joseph, born 2-4-1733 Tarporley
  8. Sarah Sandbach, born 23-9-1735 Tarporley, died after 1800
  9. Daniel, born 19-3-1739 Tarporley
IV) Adam Sandbach, son of (III) Adam Sandbach and Elizabeth Hodgkinson, born 1-9-1723 Tarporley, died 1783 or 1784 Tarporley;
married (1) ca. 1747
Jane ...;
married (2) 1-1-1752 Tarporley
Martha Oulton, born 1727, died 8-1769, daughter of Thomas Oulton and Elizabeth Challoner;
married (3) 18-4-1775 Tarporley
Mary Maulton
child (1):
  1. Catherine Sandbach, born ca. 1747 Stone; married 30-4-1770 Stafford Richard Snape
children (2):
  1. Elizabeth Sandbach, born 28-08-1753 Tarporley; died ca. 1800; married 22-8-1772 Tarporley Samuel Wilkinson, died ca. 1800, son of Ann ...
  2. Margaret Sandbach, born 9-3-1756 Tarporley; died 19-11-1854 Tarporley; married 18-10-1774 Tarporley: Samuel Cowap
  3. (Martha, born 28-12-1758 Tarporley, died 8-10-1759 Tarporley)
  4. Martha, born 1-1-1761 Tarporley
  5. John, born 17-10-1762, Tarporley
  6. Sarah Sandbach, born 19-8-1764 Tarporley; married (1) William Ankers; married (2) ... Fargison
  7. Mary Sandbach, born 26-9-1766 Tarporley, died 29-12-1857
  8. Samuel Sandbach, born 19-8-1769 Tarporley ==>> see V)
child (3):
  1. Adam Sandbach, born 19-7-1776, Tarporley, died after 1800

V) Samuel Sandbach, son of (IV) Adam Sandbach and Martha Oulton, born 19-8-1769 Tarporley, died 25-05-1851 Woodlands, West-India merchant;
married 15-12-1802 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Elizabeth Robertson, born 14-12-1782, died 26-9-1859, daughter of Harry Robertson (minister of parish of Kiltearn) and Anne Forbes.
  1. Anne Sandbach, born 27-9-1803 Liverpool, died 1-6-1890 London; married 26-5-1825 Aigburth, Liverpool Charles Stuart Parker, born 15-6-1800 Glasgow, died 26-10-1868 Liverpool, merchant Liverpool, son of Charles Stewart Parker en Margaret Rainy (9 children)
  2. (Samuel James, born 3-1-1805, died 29-7-1817)
  3. Elizabeth Sandbach, born 23-5-1806, died 13-3-1881
  4. (James Watson, born 1-4-1809 Liverpool, died 19-10-1819)
  5. Margaret Sandbach, born 8-8-1811 Liverpool, died 10-4-1868 Liverpool; married 16-04-1833 Aigburth, Woodlands/Childwall: John Abraham Tinne, born 16-2-1807 Liverpool, died 20-1-1884 Lancashire, son of Philip Frederick Tinne and Anna Rose (10 children)
  6. Henry Robertson Sandbach, born 25-9-1807 Liverpool, died 10-6-1895; married (1) Margaret Roscoe, born 1812, died 1852, daughter of Edward Roscoe and Margaret Lace; married (2) Elizabeth Charlotte Williams, born 1827, died 20-5-1911, daughter of Martin Williams (5 children)
  7. William Robertson Sandbach, born 7-3-1813 Liverpool ==>> see VI.5)
  8. Mary Rosina Sandbach
    Mary Rosina Sandbach, born 28-5-1815 Liverpool, died 23-5-1882; married 7-7-1835 Liverpool Henry Harrison, born 10-12-1795 Manchester, died 22-4-1871 Liverpool, merchant Liverpool, son of William Harrison and Helen ... (11 children)
  9. Gilbert Sandbach, born 11-1-1817 Liverpool, died 10-3-1882; rector of Upper Sapey; married 1846 Margaret Maxwell, born 26-8-1825, died 28-8-1884, daughter of Archibald Maxwell and  (11 children)
  10. Samuel Sandbach, born 3-7-1818, died 18-7-1849; married 1844 Anne Maxwell, born 1821, died 1896, daughter of Archibald Maxwell (2 children)
  11. Martha Tinne Sandbach, born 20-7-1822, died 29-4-1891; married Robert Mcleod Fraser, born 12-1815, died 1896 (5 children)
  12. Julia Trail Sandbach, born 19-2-1828, died 9-4-1890; married Harold Barkworth, born 6-5-1827, died 9-2-1902 (11 children)

VI.5) William Robertson Sandbach, son of (V) Samuel Sandbach and Elizabeth Robertson, born 7-3-1813 Liverpool, died 25-9-1891; West-India merchant, translator "Oera Linda Book";
married (1) 9-5-1837 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Hester Willink, born 1813, died 27-10-1837 Paris, daughter of Daniel Willink and Anne Latham;
married (2) 1852
Sara Maria Baroness Van Capellan, born 1807, died 1881, former lady-in-waiting to Queen Sophie of the NL, daughter of Theodorus Frederik van Capellan (lived in Frant, Sussex 1814) and Petronella De Lange (born c.1777, died 11-5-1835 Den Haag, daughter of Maurits de Lange and Martha de Zutter);
(No children known)


About William R. Sandbach's parents and grandfather

Elizabeth Robertson (daughter of Dr Robertson of Kiltearn), born 14th December, 1782, the third of the "Three Fair Maids of Kiltearn", married at Glasgow by the Rev. Robert Balsom, 15th December, 1802, to Samuel Sandbach, Esq. of Woodlands, Aigburth, near Liverpool, J. P. for county Lancashire.
He was a West India merchant, and realised a fortune as a partner of the firm of Sandbach, Tinne, & Co. He served the offices of Bailiff, Coroner, and Mayor for the Borough of Liverpool, and also as High Sheriff of Denbighshire in 1839.

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Dr Harry ROBERTSON, (...) published a book of Discourses in 1779, also the Scotch Minister's Assistant, 1802. In November, 1802, he was made a Doctor of Divinity by Marischal College, Aberdeen. Dr Harry ROBERTSON had three daughters who lived to grow up, known as "The Three Fair Maids of Kiltearn". Anne, the eldest, born 1778 ; died 1854. She did not marry ; she was an interesting letter writer, and one of her letters was judged worthy of appearing in the late Charles Fraser MACKINTOSH'S Letters of Two Centuries. Christian, the second daughter, married, firstly, James WATSON of Crantil ; secondly, Dr Thomas Stewart TRAILL of Tirlot. The third, Elizabeth, married Samuel SANDBACH, as above.

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Nymph and Cupid.marble. 152.2 cm. National Museums & Galleries of Wales

Gibson records that he 'spent most of the winter of 1859 modeling a group representing what I saw in the street a few years ago, when I made a sketch of the action - a girl of about fourteen throwing up a child and kissing it. This clay model occupied me for three months. The spontaneous expression of affection witnessed by Gibson has been transformed into a group with an elegant restraint appropriate to a Nymph and Cupid of the classical world. This piece was carved for William Robertson Sandbach of Hafodunnos Hall near Abergele. Another version was bought by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, who visited Gibson's Roman studio in 1859 and 1862.



Sandbach's mother (Elizabeth Robertson) was from a old Scottish family of ministers/ theologians.

Origin of the Name Robertson

In 1437 the chief Robert Riach (grizzled) captured Sir Robert Graham who, with others, had just murdered the King James I at Perth. In reward James II gave Robert a charter in which all of his lands were made into a feudal barony giving him administrative control over them.

The barony was called Struan and the chief was henceforth known as Robertson (from this Robert) of Struan



  1. The baroness was his second wife, not his first. She was a former lady-in-waiting to Queen Sophie of the NL.