23 August 2017

Name List of Persons, Peoples and Places

reading girl in traditional dress by
Nicolaas van der Waay (1855-1936)
[June 18, added NOTE - see here]

Just like the previously posted list of key terms, this name list will grow and evolve in time until it is published together with the coming new English translation of the Oera Linda-book.

Some names will be translated, fully or partly, while others will remain as they are in the original text. Where needed, this list will provide information that explains the choices I made in the translation of the names. It may also be used as an index, as I will add page, line or chapter numbers, where relevant.

A better introduction to this list will be written later and it will be edited. There will be some overlap with the list of key terms.

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Adela ~ Á.DEL.A, ÀDELA (add other spellings)
[1-5], ...
Apol ~ ÁPOL
[1/20, 5/10], ...
Atland ~ ÁTLAND (add other spellings)
Literally "Old-land", the 'sinking' of which is used as the beginning of the year-numbering system used in the manuscript.
Fryas ~ FRYAS
Free people (as they considered themselves to be) or Children of Frya. See list of key terms.
[a/22] Copyist of the manuscript in 1256 CE. "Tobinomath" means "surnamed" (to-by-named).
[b/25] Added letter of instruction to the inheritors of the manuscript in 803 CE. "Tonômath" means "surnamed" (to-named).
Liudwerd/ Liuwert ~ LJUD.WERD/ LJUWERT
[a/16, b/23] Spellings of 803 and 1256 CE respectively of what currently seems to be Ljouwert or Leeuwarden, the capital of the Dutch province Friesland.
Oera Linda/ Ovira Linda ~ OER.A LINDA/ OVIRA.LINDA
Family name, see Hidde, Liko, and ...
Okke ~ OKKE
[a/1] Son of Hidde Oera Linda.

Ovira Linda, see Oera Linda
Weser ~ WRSARA
[1/5, 29]

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Much, much more to be added. Please come back later.
Note added Sept. 23.: I will do this differently, in a database file first.