16 December 2013

Video source list

Part 1-4a source list for English (old) version.
In the new versions some music is different; source list need an update.

###part 1a: Jensma about Oera Linda

0:10 my subtitles; original video from YT-channel "madneetsnahoj" (Tresoar): link

###part 1b: Multatuli, Himalayas

1) 03:00 Love's Illusion - Music From the Montpellier Codex 13th Century; Motet 311 (Se chante/Bien doi amer/Et Sperabit); 2:06 min.
2) 05:50 La Clemenza di Tito, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Schreier, Varady, Mathis, Berganza, Böhm, Staatskapelle Dresden, track 1/10; 1:20 min.
3) 07:15 Love's Illusion - Music From the Montpellier Codex 13th Century; Motet 223 (Quant yver la bise ameine/In Seculum); 1:18 min.

02:55 Tresoar in Leeuwarden: Google Maps
03:00 Photo Multatuli: link
03:10 Author top 3: Digital Source for Dutch Literature (dnbl.org): link
03:30 Translated by me from: "Multatuli, Brieven. Deel 9. Te Wiesbaden 1870-1875" (ed. Mimi Douwes Dekker). W. Versluys, Amsterdam 1895; page 106: link
03:40 Translated by me from: Idem, "Deel 10. Laatste periode", Amsterdam 1896, page 57-58: link
04:30 Translated by me from: "Multatuli, Volledige Werken, XVII", 58 (brief aan P.A. Tiele, 22 oktober 1875), as quoted by Jensma, 2004 "De Gemaskerde God", p.169/ p.404 note 83
05:00 GPTV, Het Depot (my subtitles): link (uploaded 23 oct 2008)
05:40 Photo Willem-Alexander, king of the Netherlands; from web
05:50 Facsimile pages OLB (edited with MS Paint and Windows Live Photo Gallery; my transcription and translation) from: link
06:25 William R. Sandbach (1876) "The Oera Linda Book"; p.221; link
06:30 J.G. Ottema (1872) "Thet Oera Linda Bok"; p.221; link
06:50 J.F. Overwijn (1941) "Thàt Vvra Linda Bok"; from PDF (later edition) on harddisk, not found back on web; my translation
06:55 G. Jensma (2006) "Het Oera Linda-boek"; p.397; my translation
07:05 "Alt friesisches Wörterbuch" (1786) Tileman Dothias Wiarda; link
07:15 Photo Himalayas from web
07:30 G. Jensma (2004) "De Gemaskerde God - François Haverschmidt en het Oera Linda-boek"
08:05 Specifically since the publication by J.B. Vinckers (1876) "De onechtheid van het Oera Linda-Bôk, aangetoond uit de wartaal waarin het is geschreven"

###part 2a: Standskrift, Runskrift

08:35 Bach complete edition CD1 Brandenburger Concerto 1-3; track 9; 0:21 min.
09:10 Dalakopa, Norwegian Songs & Dances; La Folia, Polska; 2:20 min. 
 Ari Vardi, Children's Corner; First Sorrow; Schumann; 2:13 min.

08:35 Photo saved from: www.oeralindaboek.nl
08:55 GPTV, Het Depot (my subtitles): link (uploaded 23 oct 2008)
09:20 (my translations) link
10:30 link
11:30 Facsimile pages OLB (edited with MS Paint; my transcription and translation) from: link
11:50 Image "Crodo" taken from Elias Schedius (1728) De Diis Germanis; link
11:55 Orotalt etc. see: link (and following posts)
11:55 Tanfanae see: link (and next part 2b)
11:55 Beguines see: link

###part 2b: Numerals, Barbarians

13:45 Bingen - Celestial Harmonies - Responsories and Antiphons; Hildegard von Bingen; O vos imitatores; 6:34 min.

14:10 see 2a) at 6:22 min
14:30 Arab numerals and names: wiki
14:55 Indian numerals and names: wiki
15:05 Comparing table: wiki
15:40 Map languages from web, number-names Google Translate
16:55 Map Roman Marsi slaughter: wiki
16:45 Tacitus Annales I, 50-51; english translation: link ; Latin original text: link
18:30 Mirrorred image; "Germanic warriors" as depicted in Philipp Clüver's Germania Antiqua (1616); source: wiki
18:50 Amazigh young lady, photo from web
19:15 Alhambra Palace, photo from web
19:45 Murphy, James Cavanah (1815) "The Arabian antiquities of Spain"; link ; also see this post: link

###part 2c: Deciphering Key

20:20 Evelyn Huber, Somerville Samba; Glenlivet; 3:27 min.
23:50 Johann Sebastian Bach (compl.ed. CD 157); Prelude and Fugue for organ in C minor, BWV 546: Fugue; 5:27 min.

20:20 Cows by sunrise, photo from web
21:10 picture and info from Apuleius, Metamorphoses (used various language-versions); wiki
21:40 compilation of images by me, all from web
22:05 adapted translation, based on those by Kenney (1998) and Adlington (1566), see link (post #2067); full text see link and: wiki
22:30 Map Gaul and vicinity, 1st century BC; from web
22:40 See wiki
22:50 Gallic Wars Book 6 (53 B.C.E.) 6:14; adapted translation, based on McDevitte and Bohn (1869); link
22:50 two druids (reproduction of original from 1719 by Bernard de Montfaucon) "History of British costume" (1836)
23:15 Druïde; "Hoogduitsche Outheden" (1714) Jacob v. Royen
23:30 Taranis with wheel and thunderbolt, bronze, Roman Gaul, Place of discovery: Le Châtelet de Gourzon; Musée d'Archéologie nationale (France)
23:50 see 2a at 9:20
24:05 made by me with MS Paint from page 46 of manuscript
25:05 Cyrillic "tsche": wiki
25:30 Ingwaz rune and phonetic sign: wiki
26:05 Meroitic Qa: wiki
26:20 About Greek alphabet variety: wiki
26:55 see 2a at 8:55
27:05 see 2a at 9:20
27:15 see 2a at 10:30
27:25 photo of German enciphering (Enigma) machine, as used in WWII
28:35 the Runskrift F was improved by me, as in the original manuscript it was slightly damaged and unclear
28:50 drawing found on web, based on the film "The Name of the Rose" (1986) with Sean Connery
29:05 inspired by "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" (1962) Thomas Kuhn; link
29:15 for 'next' video about paper age, see 31:45

###part 2d: Yule and Edible Letters

29:25 'O Kerstnacht schoner dan de dagen' harpgitaar (schramml/ kontra gitarre) by Harald Koll; link (with many thanks!)

29:20 girl in traditional dutch folk costume eating chocolate A
29:45 J.G. Ottema (1872) first edition of OLB (my translation): link
30:15 (Jul 1968, that was my birth-day, 1:00 AM, Wijdenes)
30:40 Agonda, south-Goa; photo by me (dec. 2010)
31:00 Google Translate and Wikipedia, map: link
31:20 Still life with Letter Pastries by Peter Binoit, ca. 1615; link
31:25 various Scandinavian Yule-cards
31:40 Himmler had Julleuchters/ -Julkerze made for the families of SS-members.
31:45 girl in traditional dutch folk costume with chocolate Z

###part 3: Paper Age

31:45 Johann Sebastian Bach: Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach, track 8; 0:53 min.
00:00 Johann Sebastian Bach; Orchestral Suites 1 & 2 (BWV 1066, 1067); Suite No. 1 in C; I. Ouverture; 6:30 min.

31:45 image taken from article Eos magazine, sept 2011
32:40 see 1b at 5:00
33:15 see 2a at 10:30
34:15 image taken from article Eos magazine, sept 2011
34:30 Muller: link ; Van Gelder: link
34:35 "Oudheid van papier en schrift van het Oera Lindaboek"; link ; the report was published in "De Nederlandsche Spectator" (5 august 1876), p.254-255 and in "Friesch Volksblad" (13 august 1876)
34:45 footnote 5 of: "The Oera Linda Boek - A literary forgery and its paper" by A. Kardinaal, E. v.d. Grijn, H. Porck; published in: IPH Congress Book 16 (2006), p. 177-185
34:60 my translation, see at 34:35 
35:25 history of paper making: link
35:30 chinese image from web; arab one from presentation prof. J.J. Witkam "Introduction to Islamic Codicology"
35:35 sample: here ; more samples here
36:00 OLB page 72 fragment
36:25 image from and reference to: "The Oera Linda Boek, a 'cold case' and 'hot item'." by Henk Porck, Ellen van der Grijn, Adriaan Kardinaal (published in the magazine of the Dutch Royal Archivists Union (KVAN), edition April 2011)
37:45 see for certificate of transfer (18 oct. 1938) link "beperkende voorwaarden" here
38:30 see 2a at 10:30

###part 4a: Jensma's Haverschmidt doctrine on Frisian educational TV


39:40 Bach: Musikalisches Opfer; Canon a 8 vocis BWV 1072; 0:19 min.
54:40 Abraham Goldfaden, Somerville Samba, Evelyn Huber; "Rozinkes mit Mandeln"; 2:17 min.
or: Wir glauben all an einen Gott (II), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 765 (BC K105)

39:40 image of Westfriese omringdijk, from web
40:00 subtitles by me; original video from YT channel "tsjekfryslan"; link
53:10 image from website 11en30; link
53:50 see 1b at 5:00
54:40 prof.dr. G.Th. Jensma; image from web
54:45 name of thesis: "De Gemaskerde God. François HaverSchmidt en het Oera Linda-boek" (2004)
54:50 information about discussion: Fryslân jg.10 (2004) no.3, p.12 "Jûn oer de dissertaasje fan Goffe Jensma"
55:05 images of profs. Cossee, Mathijsen and Meijering (Opstalboom) from web
55:25 source: Leeuwarder Courant, 10 december 2004 "Van het Oera Linda-boek, de Friese kip en de zeespiegel"; translation by me
56:15 Goffe Jensma, "Lees, leer en Waak. Het Oera Linda Bok: een rondleiding". De Vrije Fries, LXXII (1992) p.8-52.
56:35 Jensma's quote was from the 1951 translation of the Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap (NBG): link
56:50 Portrait of François Haverschmidt (1835-1894) by Thérèse Schwarze
56:55 Frisian bible; Nije Fryske Bibeloersetting (1978); link

Dutch version video

Vernieuwde versie met alle 9 delen, betere audio en andere herzieningen:

00:10 - 1a) Inleiding Jensma
03:00 - 1b) Multatuli, Tresoar & Himalaya
08:50 - 2a) Standschrift & Runschrift
14:15 - 2b) Barbaren, Berbers en Cijfertekens
20:45 - 2c) Radmodus & Ontcijfering
30:48 - 2d) Joelfeest & Sinterklaasletters
33:13 - 3) Oud Papier
42:02 - 4a) Vermeende Mystificatie
59:23 - 4b) Antiek 'Racisme'

old English video source list here

03 December 2013

English version video

First 9 parts combined (updated May 2018):

00:11 - 1a) Introduction Jensma
03:00 - 1b) Multatuli & Himalaya
09:13 - 2a) Standskrift & Runskrift
14:30 - 2b) Barbarians & Numerals
21:32 - 2c) In Modum Rotae
31:20 - 2d) Yule & Edible Letters
33:44 - 3) Paper Age
42:26 - 4a) Alleged Mystification
59:52 - 4b) Ancient 'Racism'

old video source list here