29 August 2019

A note about this blog

Holandia as an island in the Rhenus-delta, between Flandria and Frisia;
fragment of page 36 in Lafreri Atlas (ca. 1565-1570)

Much of what I wrote earlier (and of the illustrations I added), I would now delete or change, if I would take the time to revise it all. Today I revised a seven year old post about TOCHTA.

My style and way of thinking has evolved and sometimes changed significantly.

Because some of it still has value, I will keep it for now.

The most current version of my new English translation (straight from the original language) is here: https://vrtala.oeralinda.nl/. Often I decided for a different solution (with the help of my proofreaders!) than I suggested earlier on this blog.

Some of the posts were rather personal meditations or entertainment than relevant for study of the Oera Linda-book.

So far I have always managed to post at least once every month. Today I do not have much to say, but at least you will know that I am still here.

Important news and developments can be expected in the coming months, so stay tuned.