21 March 2021

Oera Linda video part 3 - Subverted History series

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Blog post with video and fragments list part 1 and part 2.

Description of part 3 (on March. 21), by Asha Logos:

The third and final part of our three part series on the Oera Linda book, in which we speak to a 'Celtic' offshoot that seems to have moved into South America and the region of New Zealand and Easter Island, to the extremely strong connections to ancient Persia and India, and the growing evidence of a highly competent seafaring civilization that seems to have left port-footprints across much of the known world - especially the most strategically significant locations: Athens, Troy, Crete, Minnagara, Constantinople, Stavoren, Tunis, Tyre, and the northwesternmost part of the Black Sea, near the territory of the Royal Scythians).

Among so much more than I didn't have time to include were portions of the 'Skeletons in the Cupboard' documentary speaking to what seems to be aggressive and purposeful destruction of old skeletons, proactively searching them out to grind them into fertilizer. What's so disturbing about these modern trends is that they seem to be international in scope, perhaps even organized and intentional, and fueled by a great deal of money, and help from institutions like the Smithsonian. Whether it be Zahi Hawass preventing digging and exploration in Egypt, China restricting Tocharian sites and planting trees atop the pyramids they refuse to officially recognize, the most important artifacts in the world being looted en masse in Iraq during recent conflicts, or ISIS being used to destroy statues, sculptures, and ancient sites, or the Smithsonian 'misplacing' *thousands* of various findings that don't fit into the conventional historical narrative - it's becoming more and more difficult to believe this broader push to rewrite history isn't willful, intentional.

The 'why', here, remains an open question - but this is one of the foremost reasons I decided to begin this series, and why there's much more to come.

A sidenote: I sometimes cite legendary accounts, possibly exaggerated or embellished stories, in which the authors have taken artistic/poetic license, and even the occasional snippet of supposed 'fiction' to highlight larger themes running through countless older works. This isn't to say I believe each and every one of these is perfectly factual - we should approach *all* such things with caution/discernment - but rather to say that the totality of these taken together seem to present a powerfully convincing and cohesive story. I'm less interested in details and specifics, more interested in the broader 'flow' of the unfolding storyline.. and believe it has far more to offer, and is vastly more important. Legends and myths and accounts - like a game of 'telephone' - can become a bit muddied and convoluted with the passage of time.. but the core/essence elements seem to speak to 'seed truths' of immense importance.


Oera Linda fragments used in the video:

49:58 "Then the Twisklander princes..." [209/26];  video with original fragment: Skots and Saxmen

 53:50 "When Minerva explored..." [070/06]; video with original fragment: Minerva's Athenia

1:04:06 "Disaster hovers over..." [203/04]; video with original fragment: Cast-aside-nicknames

1:05:23 "Frana, since you are..." [083/14]; video with original fragment: Clairvoyant Frana

*** more may be added later ***