02 November 2020

Oera Linda video part 2 - Subverted History series

A tree has grown from seeds I started planting ten years ago and now it bears fruits — delicious, refreshing and medicinal.

Watch the whole Subverted History series here.
Blog post with part one and fragments list here.

Description of the video (on Nov. 1), by Asha Logos:
The second video in a three-part series on the 'Oera Linda Book'. We discuss the probable Phrygian, Greek, and Indian connections, the genetic and cultural overlap with the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the little known Frisian retaking of Rome, the seemingly anciently related Phoenicians who chose to walk a *very* different path.. and quite a bit more.

Who were the 'true' Germans, or 'genuine' Scythians, Saxons, or Fryans - those who speak of 'royal obligations', and seemed to seek justice above all else?

Whether conspiracy or organic occurrence or something in between, developing a clear understanding of our history seems to be increasingly difficult. Old books disappear, or are nearly impossible to obtain.. new books dealing with relevant subject matter seem to be a hodgepodge of speculative guesswork, driven by modern political and cultural considerations.

This is devastating - the real possibility exists of losing our understanding of our past.. and because we orient ourselves according to what we learn, according to what we believe to be past experiences, those capable of proactively authoring the past are essentially shaping the future.
Truth *must* win the day, here. All is at stake.

If you haven't watched the first video on the OLB, you'll want to start there.

I've stumbled upon so much of immense potential value, in recent research.. I'm very much looking forward to sharing.
Part 3 coming soon.

Timeline with sources and fragments (from OLB, unless otherwise stated) used in the video:
(more may be added later)
00:22 - 03:05 "When Wralda gave children..." [158/11] - [160/21]; see video fragment "God's Language"
05:47 - 06:18 "Imagine! There once..." [096/25] - [097/04]; see video fragment "Adela"
06:56 - 07:31 "Because I speak from the heart..." [004/24] - [005/04]; see video fragment "Heroes Tales"
08:33 - 08:40 "These know that we are..." [00b/10] - [/14]
12:44 - 13:10 "Their bodies were nicely decorated..." [080/09] - [/23]; see video fragment "Hunger"
20:15 - 20:35 "But Neptune did not forget..." Homer's Odyssey,  book 13
21:13 - 22:49 "Liudgeart, the rear admiral..." [120/10] - [121/21]
23:50 - 23:55 "Wralda deserted his soul..." [124/19] - [/21]; see video fragment "Alexander"
23:59 - 24:35 "After his death..." [124/22] - [125/05]; see video fragment "Alexander"
25:43 - 26:00 "The Ira are not ireful..." [164/32] - [165/06]; see video fragment "Sacred Light of Festa"
26:51 - 27:30 Depicted exerpt from "The History of the Works of the Learned"; blogpost (2018) with source and context.
33:15 Note: Heligoland — meaning: 'holy land'.
35:15 Note: more on Frisland here (password "zeno").
36:24 Rudbeck's Atland/ Atlantica (1679, Latin and Swedish) on archive.org.
47:34 - 48:18 "Eight years later..." [114/24] - [115/09]; see video fragment "Fryas joining Saxmen"
57:25 - 58:36 "Among Finda's folk..." [100/02] - [101/01]; see video fragment "False Divinities"
59:01 - 59:40 "Once I found poison..." [040/01] - [/10]; see video fragment "Sweet Wine"

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