27 February 2023

News update

New videos:

1) Compilation of Frijsia Festival performance, in Warns (near Stavoren), 24 September 2022. With Rypke Zeilmaker. About 'Subsidiefries' and with a translated (into Dutch) fragment about Frya. Subtitles in Dutch, English, Danish and Swedish (German to be added later).*

2) Subtitled selection of audio-only podcast (interview by Niels Lunsing) from 'De Andere Krant', recorded January 9. Full recording here. Subtitles in Dutch, English, German, Danish and Swedish.* (*with thanks to our Danish volunteer for helping make the subtitles)

3) Second Dutch studio interview at 'V for Valentine' (by Boris van de Ven), recorded January 25. A subtitled version will be added later to our video channel.

4) Recorded Dutch online chat at Gletscher Radio (Niels Lunsing and Merlyn van Dobben), recorded 14 February. A subtitled version in two parts will be released on our video channel. First 45 minutes is about Oera Linda and includes topics that were not discussed earlier. The last 30 minutes are more personal, about consciousness and 'coincidences'.

Oera Linda Foundation:

1) Web domain has changed from oeralinda.nl into oeralinda.org.

2) An Oera Linda forum has opened: https://forum.oeralinda.org.

3) An Oera Linda wiki has been added: https://wiki.oeralinda.org. Here the most up to date revision of the translation can be navigated, either in the original order, or in the alternative (more chronological) order, with links to transliteration and manuscript pages. Other sections contain lists of names and places as well as word studies. Much more will be added here. We intend to move (or copy) improved versions of the best posts from this blog there.

4) An Oera Linda font, 'Fryas Standskrift' was designed by our Danish volunteer and can be downloaded for free, either in the webshop, or on the new wiki which has more information and a second font, 'Wagumskrift'.

To be expected:

1) First presentation to public will be in Joure, Friesland on 29 March (in Dutch language), at Stichting In-zicht. More information and ticket reservation here.

2) A free PDF and EPUB version of the fully revised translation (without transliteration and manuscript pages) will be created and made available.

3) Application for 'ANBI' status ('Public Benefit Organisation') of the Foundation is being prepared.

4) Fryas language course (audiovisual), making use of the the 'Fryas Standskrift'.