05 June 2023

Preparation of 5th edition Codex Oera Linda

Now that the 4th edition is sold out, the 5th is being prepared.

It will no longer have the design of alternating translation and transliteration, but proper paragraphs with on the right (odd) pages the translation and on the left (even) pages a transcription of the original text in Fryas Standskrift. Book size will be like the first two editions (17 x 24 cm), hardcover. It will include some manuscript pages (in black/white, greyscale), no longer colour copies of all 190 manuscript pages.

sample pages

A pre-order possibility will be added to the webshop. Intended production around end of June.

13 May 2023

Notes to Kat lady video

An woman named 'Kat' made a video "The Oera Linda Book- Comparing Translations" with claims about Oera Linda and its English translations, including Sandbach's and mine (applauding the first and rejecting the latter). I will post a few examples of the strange twists of mind and low research quality demonstrated in the video.

1. Sandbach's "Kat the priestess"

At ca. 3:26 a video maker was strongly criticized because he referred to burgmaids as "priestesses" (image 1). Later she praises Sandbach's translation (image 2), not aware that the video maker used it (image 3). Compare original manuscript fragment and transliteration Ottema (image 4), also translation Ott (image 5).

1. 3.


2. Video by Bruce Stafford with first comments to Kat's video.

  • 00:00 Cows with golden horns or Mountains of gold?
  • 07:27 Od/Ott: odium or odla?
  • 'Hja' is plural; all daughters of Earth recieved Wralda's breath.
  • 16:14 'Stof', substance, dust
  • 20:10 Hate makes no sense in context
  • 20:35 Compare English with Fryas
  • 23:05 Wiki introduction
  • 27:10 Disrespect of Wralda
  • 28:50 Resume, announcement

3a.Video by Bruce Stafford of our Fryday phonecall with screenshares: introduction to Oera Linda-wiki and Oera Linda-forum, to word studies and other news. We also discuss the words referred to in the Kat lady video.

  • 00:00 Introduction by Bruce
  • 00:50 Start of call
  • 02:18 Magy or magus, 'mágjara'
  • 04:45 Raubenheimer 'translation'
  • 08:20 Atland flood year
  • 09:16 Frisland on old maps
  • 09:38 Why new translation?
  • 10:54 More about 'mágí'
  • 12:05 Oera Linda-wiki
  • 13:25 Magyars/magi, Gola/Gauls
  • 14:45 Trump's MAGA, 'màga'
  • 16:17 Sandbach's 'priestess'
  • 17:03 'Vnfrya weld': domination
  • 19:53 Pronunciation 'Frya', Fryslân
  • 22:10 Pronunciation 'Jan', Jon
  • 23:46 Two 'Kát'/Kate characters
  • 25:06 Navigating wiki/translations
  • 26:46 Word and grammar studies
  • 27:44 Frya's Standskrift font
  • 28:04 Project volunteers
  • 29:03 Oera Linda-forum
  • 32:50 'Anfang', beginning/potential
  • 35:56 'T' for 'the', 'to', 'it', or 'at'
  • 37:08 Tamfana, temple, tempus, time
  • 38:05 Begin, 'bijin', beguines
  • 38:33 Future discussions
  • 39:39 New (5th) Codex edition
  • 39:57 New Dutch translation
  • 40:13 Live presentations
  • 40:23 Various end notes and conclusion

3b.Same video from Ott's screen, unedited version without intro.

29 April 2023

Q&A-2 Oera Linda Rede

00:00 de geest van Oera Linda
02:54 overerfbare macht
03:57 politiek, Fryske Akademy, Tresoar
07:58 Verhaal van Nederland, archeologie
09:23 Saksische Kroniek
09:43 woorduitleg: dopen, tex
12:24 maagdenburchten 
14:06 moederschap
14:41 naastenliefde, volkszin, bloed en bodem
16:44 persoonlijk
18:00 Fries bewustzijn
19:00 zelfhelend vermogen
21:43 taalzuivering, verbinding
23:53 identiteit

Subtitles will be added later. Meer delen volgen.

Opnames van presentatie voor St. In-zicht, Joure, 29 maart '23, door Robert Dupper, Solari, Stavoren.
Montage: St. Oera Linda, Diever, https://oeralinda.org/

28 April 2023

Q&A Vraag en Antwoord na Oera Linda Rede

Voor Oera Linda Rede 29 maart '23, delen 1 t/m 5: klik hier


  • 00:00 inleiding
  • 01:22 is Vronen Baduhenna?
  • 01:54 Atlantis, bewustzijn
  • 03:58 fake news?
  • 05:29 voorlezen
  • 05:34 Friese/Fryas waarden
  • 08:15 culturele revolutie
  • 10:47 koolstofdatering C14 papier
  • 12:58 het woord Od/Ott
  • 16:20 runen, Tartaria
  • 17:11 eikenhouten Joel/wiel
  • 18:03 vervolg letters
  • 19:40 inhoud boek, verfilming

Subtitles will be added later. Meer delen volgen.

Opnames van presentatie voor St. In-zicht, Joure, 29 maart '23, door Robert Dupper, Solari, Stavoren.

Montage: St. Oera Linda, Diever, https://oeralinda.org/

27 April 2023

Oera Linda Rede 1

00:00 Voorwoord

01:47 Vronen

08:26 Oera Linda

12:16 Waarheidsvraag

20:14 Oudfries

22:25 Zienswijze

(Subtitles will be added later.)

Wordt gevold door Q&A: vragen en antwoorden (na de pauze), en tweede helft vóór pauze.

Opnames van presentatie voor St. In-zicht te Joure op 29 maart '23, door Robert Dupper van Solari te Stavoren.

Montage: Jan Ott van St. Oera Linda te Diever, https://oeralinda.org/

24 March 2023

Oera Linda Wiki

New pages have recently been added to wiki.oeralinda.org, for example:

Go to 'recent changes' page to view more recent additions.

The best parts of this Fryskednis blog will move there.

Volunteers are welcome to help build the Oera Linda Wiki.
Please make contact through the Oera Linda Forum.

12 March 2023

Subtitled interview in two parts

Interview by Niels Lunsing and Merlyn van Dobben (Gletsjer Radio), in Dutch language, with subtitles in English and Dutch (German, Swedish and Danish to be added soon — credits to our volunteers!):

Part One about Oera Linda, in which some new information is revealed, not discussed earlier in interviews.

Part Two about Jan Ott, with more personal and 'unscientific' information.

I (JO) consider this recording the best thus far.