22 February 2019

Bonds of Slavery


[033/14] 4c3. Minos: Aewa

MEN O DVMHÉD. And oh, foolishness!
DÁHWILA WI [15] TO DVANDE SEND EKKORUM TO SKÁDANE While we are busy damaging each other,
KVMTH.ET NIDIGE FOLK FINDA.S MITH HJARA FALSKA PRESTERUM the envious Finda people come with their false priests,
JVW HÀWA TO RÁWANDE JVWA TOGHATERA TO SKÀNDANE. to steal your possessions, defile your daughters,
JVWA SÉDA TO VRDVA ÀND TO THA LESTA corrupt your morals, and in the end
[20] KLÀPPATH HJA SLÁVONA.BÀNDA OM JAHWELIKES FRYA HALS. throw the bonds of slavery over every Frya's neck.

[203/04] 19c. Reintia's Dream

BOPPA FRIA.S LANDUM SWABBERT [5] RANP MITH JUK ÀND KÉDNE OMME ‘Disaster hovers over Frya's lands carrying yoke and chains,
THÉRVMBE MOTON ALLE FOLKAR THÉR ÛT FRIA SPROTEN SEND so all tribes that have sprung from Frya's blood must
HJARA TONÔMA WÉI WERPA cast aside their nicknames
ÀND HJARA SELVA ALLÉNA FRIA.S BERN JEFTHA FOLK HÉTA. and only call themselves Frya's children or folk.
FORTH [10] MOTON ALLE VPSTONDA ÀND ET FINDA.S FOLK FON FRIAS ERV DRÍVA. You must all rise and expel Finda's folk from Frya's domain.(1)
ALSA SKILUN HJA SLÁVONA BENDA VMBE HJARA HALSA KRÉJA. you shall find slave chains placed around your necks.
ALSA SKILUN THA VRLANDASKA HÉRA HJARA [15] BERN MISBRUKA The foreign masters will abuse your children
ÀND FYTRA LÉTA TILTHJU THÀT BLOD SÍGATH INNA JOWRE GRÉVA. and have them lashed until their blood seeps into your graves.
THÀN SKILUN THA SKINNA JOWRE ÉTHLA JO KVMA WEKJA The spirits of your ancestors will come to wake you up
ÀND JO BIKÍVJA VR JO LEFHÉD ÀND VNDIGERHÉD. and blame you for your cowardice and carelessness.’

(1) "You must ... your children ..." —lit. "They must ... their children ..."; at JOWRE GRÉVA (your graves) the fragment changes from third into second person.