13 May 2023

Notes to Kat lady video

An woman named 'Kat' made a video "The Oera Linda Book- Comparing Translations" with claims about Oera Linda and its English translations, including Sandbach's and mine (applauding the first and rejecting the latter). I will post a few examples of the strange twists of mind and low research quality demonstrated in the video.

1. Sandbach's "Kat the priestess"

At ca. 3:26 a video maker was strongly criticized because he referred to burgmaids as "priestesses" (image 1). Later she praises Sandbach's translation (image 2), not aware that the video maker used it (image 3). Compare original manuscript fragment and transliteration Ottema (image 4), also translation Ott (image 5).

1. 3.


2. Video of first Fr(y)day call by Ott and Stafford with screenshare: introduction to Oera Linda-wiki and Oera Linda-forum, to word studies and other news. We also discuss the words referred to in the Kat lady video.

00:00 Start of call
02:00 Magy or magus, 'mágjara'
04:50 Raubenheimer 'translation'
08:52 Atland flood year
10:01 Frisland on old maps
10:24 Why new translation?
11:49 More about 'mágí'
13:17 Oera Linda-wiki
14:30 Magyars/magi, Gola/Gauls
16:00 Trump's MAGA, 'màga'
17:58 Sandbach's 'priestess'
18:57 'Vnfrya weld': domination
21:42 Pronunciation 'Frya', Fryslân
24:10 Pronunciation 'Jan', Jon
25:57 Two 'Kát'/Kate characters
27:25 Navigating wiki/translations
29:07 Word and grammar studies
30:08 Frya's Standskrift font
30:29 Project volunteers
31:30 Oera Linda-forum
35:30 'Anfang', beginning/potential
38:39 'T' for 'the', 'to', 'it', or 'at'
40:25 Tamfana, temple, tempus, time
40:55 Begin, 'bijin', beguines
42:30 Future discussions
43:50 New (5th) Codex edition
44:07 New Dutch translation
44:30 Live presentations
44:40 Various end notes and conclusion