05 May 2022

Third edition specifics

[update May 25 — Production and distribution will be taken care of by the same company, shipping cost will be less expensive than is currently displayed in the web shop (all who paid already will be offered a partial refund); book size and weight will be decided within the next few office days, after which the printing will start. — Thank you for your patience and understanding!]

Release of the third edition (not 'if', but 'how') is under reconsideration: mostly size, weight. Also, there may be both a hardcover deluxe and a paperback version. All who have pre-ordered will be informed by mail soon. If you have already paid, you will get the option to cancel and get a full refund.

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Especially since the December interview was published, I received many orders and messages, some of the latter I still have not answered (for which I apologize). Main focus was on processing the orders and shipping the parcels. When that was all done I needed a break from the project.

Thank you all for the kind expressions of appreciation and moral support!

Due to a mistake in the web shop, it was not possible to donate to the project (donations failed and were not reported to me, but the information was saved). We only discovered this recently. I will contact the would-have-been supporters soon.

23 April 2022

Manuscript pages in 2022 edition

How the manuscript pages were printed in the first (deluxe, 2021) edition and how they are intended to appear in the new (supreme, 2022) edition:

Also, the pages will be printed in higher resolution:

07 April 2022

News and call for help

old vs. new manuscript scan resolution

Today the Oera Linda Foundation received from Tresoar high resolution scans of all manuscript pages*, as well as a portrait of Cornelis Over the Linden which has not been published before, as far as I know. Both will be used for future editions of Codex Oera Linda.

(*I had three hi-res page-scans only, which were used for the front and back end-papers as well as the book cover of the 2nd edition.)

Our plan is to create the third edition in hardcover deluxe format again; this time, however, with all manuscript pages printed page-filling in their actual size. Thus, the book will be somewhat larger than the first (deluxe) edition. Another difference relative to the first will be that the five appendices of the second edition will be included (possibly more), as well as Over de Linden's 'new' portrait.

To all who have pre-ordered or consider to: book and shipping cost are still unknown. It will obviously be possible to change or cancel your order. The pre-order possibility is helpful for us to get an idea of the interest in the book as well as where it can best be printed. Like with the earlier editions, most demand seems to be in the USA.

Since shipping cost from here to overseas are high, shipping times are often long and tracking service has proven to be unreliable, I would prefer to distribute main part of the next edition(s) from within the USA, perhaps even have them printed there. Who of you friends of this project can advise or provide practical assistance in these matters?

Also, who of the friends of this project would be interested in helping to proof-read and improve (one or more of) the following parts (all mostly as in 2nd and E-book edition):

  • Publisher's Notes
  • Appendices: I), II), IV) and V)
  • Footnotes and short introduction to Index of Names

If anyone has suggestions to improve other aspects of the book; translation, transliteration, general layout etc. — these are welcome too.

To contact me, please use mail address or contact form on oeralinda.nl (or this weblog's form).

Thank you!

UPDATE - April 9th:

The texts are currently being improved (first proofreading). If someone is really good at it and would offer to do a second reading, he or she would receive the edited versions for review.

01 April 2022

Prof. Jensma refers to Codex Oera Linda

Emeritus professor (Frisian culture and language, Groningen) Goffe Jensma refers to Codex Oera Linda (2021) by Jan Ott and to this weblog.

Short clip from presentation (70 minutes, in Frisian language), recorded and published by Omrop Fryslân on Dec. 22, 2021.

English subtitles added by Oera Linda Foundation. Dutch subtitles optional: use captions (cc) switch, bottom-right. 

Full lecture (no subtitles) here.

31 March 2022

SNÉI - snow

still from Magpie by The Unthanks (Detectorists s3/ep1 ending)

Frya was white, like snow in the red of dawn


they unexpectedly and like a blizzard covered our lands
(literally: there they came unexpectedly, like snow driven through storm-wind, running over our lands)

(Translation and transliteration from Codex Oera Linda.)

Some modern cognates:
snei - Westfrisian (dictionary Jan Pannekeet)
sney - Nethersaxon
snie - Frisian
sne - Danish
sneeuw - Dutch
sneeu - Afrikaans
Schnee - German
snä - Nordfrisian
snö - Swedish
snø - Norse
snjór - Icelandic
snow - English
snaw - Scots
sneachda - Scots-Keltic
sneachta - Irish
sneg - Slovenian
sniegas - Lithuanian
sniegs - Latvian
snijeg - Croatian

04 February 2022

personal timeline, open diary entry

(SA - timeline Sinking of Atland/ Aldland)

 From chapter 'A. Hidde Oera Linda, 1255 CE' in Codex Oera Linda (2021):


31 January 2022

Time line and Plans for this year

Time line 

2009, summer — beginning of my Oera Linda studies.
2011, January — start of this blog.
2014, production of video Saved from the Flood in five languages.
2020, December — Oera Linda Foundation was registered.
2021, Summer — production and release of Codex Oera Linda ~ English edition.
2021, Autumn — ,, 2nd English edition and eBook.
2021, Yule/ Christmas — release of interview by Catherine Austin Fitts.
2021, January — both printed editions were sold out and shipped. Ebook €9 here.

Plans for this year

  • release of 3rd edition: deluxe, better than the first two.
  • production of a new Dutch translation.