04 November 2022

Book release update

pendant dated early 11th
century, found in Schellinkhout

After the initial estimated release date of 15 Oct. was not met, the binder promised to deliver the books on the 27th. However, last minute, we were confronted with extra delay and now that date has been set on Monday 7 November. Thus, shipment will take place early next week.

Production of this edition and the previous (full size) one have been nerve-racking. This also applies to part of the distribution process of the previous edition (this one will probably be easier, as less will go abroad and we have learned from some mistakes). It was an interesting learning experience thus far, but I do hope to not have to do this again under these circumstances. Mostly because it hinders my researching, translating, etc.


  1. Anonymous4/11/22 18:12

    Eagerly and very patiently awaiting the arrival of my copy. Thank you for your diligence during these difficult times.

  2. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  3. Bin erg beneid nei de nije utjifte fan it boek. Mooi te sjen dat de originele tekst Fryske en Deenske ynfloeden hat. De tekst is ser leasber.