05 June 2023

Preparation of 5th edition Codex Oera Linda

Now that the 4th edition is sold out, the 5th is being [will be]* prepared.

It will no longer have the design of alternating translation and transliteration, but proper paragraphs with on the right (odd) pages the translation and on the left (even) pages a transcription of the original text in Fryas Standskrift. Book size will be like the first two editions (17 x 24 cm), hardcover. It will include some manuscript pages (in black/white, greyscale), no longer colour copies of all 190 manuscript pages.

[Both transcription and translation are currently being revised.]*

sample pages

A pre-order possibility may be added to the webshop. Intended production in August [September]*.

[* edits July 9]