21 June 2022

Book release date and mail costs update

UPDATE July 7: now that the exact weight is known, shipping classes could be adjusted (see yellow markings below). As a result, ordering more books at once has become more affordable. If you would like to add to your order, because of the lower shipping costs, please let me know!

==========================original post with changes marked in yellow=================

As I had to wait for a dummy (empty pages and cover only) of the book, in order to establish mail costs, there was time to further improve content and design of the book. Yesterday the final file was mailed to the printer.

Earlier it was suggested to me that a significantly cheaper (and possibly faster) option for international mail was possible, but at close examination, I found there were too many risks involved. This option does not include the possibility of track and trace — which I prefer in the interest of both the recipient and the sender — and has a higher risk of the parcel being returned or getting lost. Therefore, I will keep the method used with the earlier editions, for now.


I still hope that (mailing) companies, publishing houses or sponsors, in particular in the US, Canada and Australia will be willing to participate in the project, which would make distribution in these countries much faster and cheaper. Also, as I would much rather focus more on research and translation, than on managing the Foundation, I hope to get practical support from experienced and motivated new (advisory?) board members.

release date [updated 30 July]

[On July 27, I was informed that the binder needs more time than was expected. However, an actual shipping date could now be set. The books will be shipped (to all who ordered) on August 15. All this delay has been nerve-racking to me, as I know it was for some of those who ordered early. I will learn my lessons from it.]

Earlier I thought that the books could be printed and shipped in June. This was much too optimistic. (Please note that this project is not my job; this is voluntary work and I am a family father with many other things on my plate.) The good news, however, is that I had more time to improve both content and design: it will be worth the extra wait. Also, because I managed to make a good production deal, I could lower the book price to €48.

if you would like to withdraw your order and get a full refund

If you have ordered and paid, but do not accept this delay, simply send me a message so I can refund the whole amount of what you paid. Please do not claim a refund at your (credit card or other) payment system, as they tend to impose significant fines and the OL Foundation is not a commercial business.

mail costs

There are two variables: quantity of books and destination. For each of the 4 destination groups I will list a table below. All mail costs include track & trace service. However, in last years experience this service was not reliable in ca. 3% of the cases. For quantities > 5 books outside of Europe (or > 12 within Europe), please contact me.  

1. Netherlands

1 book
€ 4,10
2 to 6 books
€ 6,75
7 to 14 books    
€ 13, -
> 14 books  
please inquire

2. Europe 1*

1 book
per 22 August: € 10.00
2 to 3 books
€ 19.50
4 to 6 books
€ 25. -
7 to 12 books
€ 34. -
13 to 14 books    
€ 45. -
> 14 books  
please inquire
* Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Germany, Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), Sweden.

3. Europe 2*

1 book
per 22 August: € 12.50
2 to 3 books
€ 25. -
4 to 6 books
€ 31. -
7 to 12 books
€ 40. -
13 to 14 books    
€ 55. -
> 14 books  
please inquire
*all other countries in Europe (excl. Russia): Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira), Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (incl. Channel Islands and Gibraltar), Vatican City.

4. Other*

1 book
per 22 August: € 21.00 (ca. 22 US$)
2 to 3 books
€ 38.80 (ca. 41 US$)
4 to 6 books    
€ 68.30 (ca. 72 US$)
7 to 12 books  
€ 125.30 maximum, possibly less; please inquire
* rest of the world, incl. the European part of Russia

Price per book is € 48. - (go to web shop to order or see page samples at oeralinda.nl). For orders of 10 of more, discounts can be arranged (please inquire).

Because there are many variables already, I have decided to not yet include the possibility to order leather bound versions of the book.

09 June 2022

website/-shop updates, call for board members and other notes

While waiting for a test print of the book, this and next week I will be further preparing and improving the web shop.

Besides the e-book and the full size (was: 3rd English) edition, there will be options to donate to financially support the Oera Linda Foundation, either by adding a donation to your order, or to just make a donation (once or recurring). This is currently being set up.

Mail or shipping costs are still being calculated by our distributor, especially for orders of more than one book abroad. Therefore, I have not contacted those who have pre-ordered yet. I will do that as soon as these costs have been established and implemented in the store. Again I would like to point out that anyone who has ordered and paid earlier will be offered a partial refund, if applicable. These early payments have been very helpful for the foundation to be able to pay for the initial printing costs.

Once the books are being printed and shipping starts, I will only have to weekly pass on order information to our distributor (and do financial administration), so I will have more time to start working on the long awaited new Dutch translation. Distribution (packing and posting) the previous two editions was much work for me. Surely interesting and instructive, but not something i want to keep doing.

Besides work on the Dutch edition, I intend to further professionalize the foundation and its website.

The Oera Linda Foundation is looking for new board members, preferably (but not necessarily) from the Netherlands, Flanders or northwestern Germany (so we can more easily meet in real life). Please contact me if you are interested and tell me about your experience and motivation.

UPDATE June 18

Next Monday (June 20) a test print is expected as well as a specification of the final variable shipping cost (in particular for larger quantities and to more unusual destinations). This is somewhat later than expected and communicated earlier. The web shop is already operational, taking orders for the full size edition, but from next week on when there is more clarity, all other unpaid pre-orders can be formalized.

Preparations for a German edition have started.

02 June 2022

Third edition preparation diary

(images digitally created, not photos of the actual book)

"Codex Oera Linda ~ full size edition" 

ISBN 978-90-831650-4-2

pp. 6-7
p. 14-15

p. 20-21

p. 26-27

pp. 40-41
p. 48-49

pp. 78-79

pp. 148-149

pp. 152-153

MS [034-035]

MS [046-047]

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New book printing company chosen and distribution outsourced

Although I was satisfied with how the first two editions were printed, I have decided (last week) to go elsewhere for the third edition. It will be printed (again in Friesland) by a company that will also take care of all distribution, which is a great advantage. They also print and mail the quarterly Solari Report 'wrap ups' by Catherine Austin Fitts and her team.

Lower shipping costs and book price

This means that international shipping cost will be considerably lower than before (and currently communicated in web shop). Exact mail costs will be presented soon and changed in the web shop. Also, book price will be lowered to €48 (now €54). Anyone who already paid before the lowering will be offered a partial refund.

Book size and design, parcels

In order to have the manuscript pages printed in their actual size, the book will be larger than the first two editions: 220 x 290 mm (8.7 x 11.4 inches). It will have a hard cover, linen spine and reading ribbons. The color section will be 192 pages. The text formatting will be in two columns and this section will be 160 pages, making a total of 352 pages. The book will be ca. 27 mm (1.05 inches) thick, so a 1-book parcel can be delivered in a regular letterbox (32 mm/ 1.26 inches). All books will be sealed in plastic before being packed into a high quality cardboard box.

Book file editing

Today and tomorrow, I will continue work on the new book design.

= = = = =

Personal note

Working at home, often disturbed by my wife and our four children (ages 2, 4, 5, 7 and expecting a fifth next month), it has been hard to focus on the project at times. I also had other things to do (like home renovation) and needed a longer break from the project than I had earlier expected. Answering e-mails has often consumed too much of my time, so again I apologize for not always replying.