02 June 2022

Third edition preparation diary

(images digitally created, not photos of the actual book)

"Codex Oera Linda ~ full size edition" 

ISBN 978-90-831650-4-2

pp. 6-7
p. 14-15

p. 20-21

p. 26-27

pp. 40-41
p. 48-49

pp. 78-79

pp. 148-149

pp. 152-153

MS [034-035]

MS [046-047]

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New book printing company chosen and distribution outsourced

Although I was satisfied with how the first two editions were printed, I have decided (last week) to go elsewhere for the third edition. It will be printed (again in Friesland) by a company that will also take care of all distribution, which is a great advantage. They also print and mail the quarterly Solari Report 'wrap ups' by Catherine Austin Fitts and her team.

Lower shipping costs and book price

This means that international shipping cost will be considerably lower than before (and currently communicated in web shop). Exact mail costs will be presented soon and changed in the web shop. Also, book price will be lowered to €48 (now €54). Anyone who already paid before the lowering will be offered a partial refund.

Book size and design, parcels

In order to have the manuscript pages printed in their actual size, the book will be larger than the first two editions: 220 x 290 mm (8.7 x 11.4 inches). It will have a hard cover, linen spine and reading ribbons. The color section will be 192 pages. The text formatting will be in two columns and this section will be 160 pages, making a total of 352 pages. The book will be ca. 27 mm (1.05 inches) thick, so a 1-book parcel can be delivered in a regular letterbox (32 mm/ 1.26 inches). All books will be sealed in plastic before being packed into a high quality cardboard box.

Book file editing

Today and tomorrow, I will continue work on the new book design.

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Personal note

Working at home, often disturbed by my wife and our four children (ages 2, 4, 5, 7 and expecting a fifth next month), it has been hard to focus on the project at times. I also had other things to do (like home renovation) and needed a longer break from the project than I had earlier expected. Answering e-mails has often consumed too much of my time, so again I apologize for not always replying.

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