05 May 2022

Third edition specifics

[update May 25 — Production and distribution will be taken care of by the same company, shipping cost will be less expensive than is currently displayed in the web shop (all who paid already will be offered a partial refund); book size and weight will be decided within the next few office days, after which the printing will start. — Thank you for your patience and understanding!]

Release of the third edition (not 'if', but 'how') is under reconsideration: mostly size, weight. Also, there may be both a hardcover deluxe and a paperback version. All who have pre-ordered will be informed by mail soon. If you have already paid, you will get the option to cancel and get a full refund.

= = = = =


Especially since the December interview was published, I received many orders and messages, some of the latter I still have not answered (for which I apologize). Main focus was on processing the orders and shipping the parcels. When that was all done I needed a break from the project.

Thank you all for the kind expressions of appreciation and moral support!

Due to a mistake in the web shop, it was not possible to donate to the project (donations failed and were not reported to me, but the information was saved). We only discovered this recently. I will contact the would-have-been supporters soon.


  1. Sebastian5/5/22 16:56

    Only $57? I would gladly play $100 for this edition. If only to further show my support for this work.

  2. Anonymous9/5/22 19:41

    Is it possible to reserve a copy with the leather binding?