21 March 2021

Oera Linda video part 3 - Subverted History series

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Blog post with video and fragments list part 1 and part 2.

Description of part 3 (on March. 21), by Asha Logos:

The third and final part of our three part series on the Oera Linda book, in which we speak to a 'Celtic' offshoot that seems to have moved into South America and the region of New Zealand and Easter Island, to the extremely strong connections to ancient Persia and India, and the growing evidence of a highly competent seafaring civilization that seems to have left port-footprints across much of the known world - especially the most strategically significant locations: Athens, Troy, Crete, Minnagara, Constantinople, Stavoren, Tunis, Tyre, and the northwesternmost part of the Black Sea, near the territory of the Royal Scythians).

Among so much more than I didn't have time to include were portions of the 'Skeletons in the Cupboard' documentary speaking to what seems to be aggressive and purposeful destruction of old skeletons, proactively searching them out to grind them into fertilizer. What's so disturbing about these modern trends is that they seem to be international in scope, perhaps even organized and intentional, and fueled by a great deal of money, and help from institutions like the Smithsonian. Whether it be Zahi Hawass preventing digging and exploration in Egypt, China restricting Tocharian sites and planting trees atop the pyramids they refuse to officially recognize, the most important artifacts in the world being looted en masse in Iraq during recent conflicts, or ISIS being used to destroy statues, sculptures, and ancient sites, or the Smithsonian 'misplacing' *thousands* of various findings that don't fit into the conventional historical narrative - it's becoming more and more difficult to believe this broader push to rewrite history isn't willful, intentional.

The 'why', here, remains an open question - but this is one of the foremost reasons I decided to begin this series, and why there's much more to come.

A sidenote: I sometimes cite legendary accounts, possibly exaggerated or embellished stories, in which the authors have taken artistic/poetic license, and even the occasional snippet of supposed 'fiction' to highlight larger themes running through countless older works. This isn't to say I believe each and every one of these is perfectly factual - we should approach *all* such things with caution/discernment - but rather to say that the totality of these taken together seem to present a powerfully convincing and cohesive story. I'm less interested in details and specifics, more interested in the broader 'flow' of the unfolding storyline.. and believe it has far more to offer, and is vastly more important. Legends and myths and accounts - like a game of 'telephone' - can become a bit muddied and convoluted with the passage of time.. but the core/essence elements seem to speak to 'seed truths' of immense importance.


Oera Linda fragments used in the video:

49:58 "Then the Twisklander princes..." [209/26];  video with original fragment: Skots and Saxmen

 53:50 "When Minerva explored..." [070/06]; video with original fragment: Minerva's Athenia

1:04:06 "Disaster hovers over..." [203/04]; video with original fragment: Cast-aside-nicknames

1:05:23 "Frana, since you are..." [083/14]; video with original fragment: Clairvoyant Frana

*** more may be added later ***


  1. Institutions like the Smithsonian is the Oera Linda book's worst enemy. I could never see how one could actively destroy artifacts due to them not fitting a preconceived narrative, it is beyond me.

    I have a question in regards to the fins and Magyar, what ethnic group do they represent? I heard someone's hypothesis that they were the 'Yamnaya' with the R1a haplogroup. This doesn't make too much sense to me because I had thought the Yamnaya were european, but then again, looking at a map of haplogroups, r1a aligns right where the OLB claims the fins settled? but that could be a mere coincidence.

    1. Anonymous25/3/21 21:53

      Exactly as you state it’s beyond you, or any normal human conception what is being done to control their narrative. This should give an hint on what length some could go.

      WHO owns and guided the “discovered” dna samples and mapping “out of Africa” narrative.

      It’s not my intent to not provide answers. Rather to “uninstall” programs that are corrupted.
      Much that being told openly about Dna mapping have several layers of hidden agendas.
      The sole purpose to cause mistrust, specially in personal ancestry.

      If I may provide an alternative theory to combat the Divide and conquer tactic, and the new age trope “universal love”.

      “Europeans” survived with memories intact The last global cataclysm.
      (Authors of The Vedic, hibernating in caves in a tantric position male/female as one example)
      Giving a head start to the cultural evolutions in this age, compared to other humans around the world.
      As all places of earth gives of different behaviour that forms cultures, diversity is ensured.
      Newly formed cultures mixed with “European” dna provides extreme results.

      That being said, like I child that carries the total accumulated experience of its ancestors and the species. So does the different races.

      It’s the environment that determined its populations behavior.

      So the “Finns” can be deducted to be an result of its environment.
      Another note is the evidence of an noN variate diet cause Developmental problems.
      As the frontal lobe is the main source of empathy and trans-personal viewpoint. It’s development is highly demanding of both its cultural values and its health.

      So a population in a strained varied diet Situation, with production of more children than one can support(which is a suggested natural response) would cause this culture to turn into an expanding behaviour for survival.
      It’s also been proven that lack of sea/river food compared to land Food(meat). Causes the cellular blood barrier In brain to weaken. Ensuring further degeneration from empathy and trans-personal behaviour.

      These cultures comes and causes huge upheaval In wars and the disintegrate into other.

      We have a saying in Scandinavia if “Lagom”.without a real English equivalent. But roughly meaning “not to much, not to little, just about right”.

      As most smaller native cultures around the world(when left alone) self enforce the balance with nature to not take more than needed and give back At any opportunity.

      A large population in decline due to, as example its own unfortunate location. Is forced due human nature to take more and more, thus unseated from the balance of nature.

      Thus it’s in my opinion that “Finns” is a cultural behaviour that prevailed in this areas due to its limited resources. Even given physical descriptions as our ancestors knew more of racial biology that we do today. Although it’s been proven that overconsumption of domesticated rice causes a yellow residue in the skin pigment.

      The “Finns” I’m sure also was used as a mythological stereotype derived from their ancestors as a warning.
      And a control mechanism to suppress any “Finns” behaviour within the Fryan population.
      As I’m sure “Finns” exist everywhere, more or less depending on situations.

      It is a human problem how to “handle” those who are in need by those who have in excess.
      These last 12000 years has shown multitude of solutions but none of them work universal.

      Each to their own values, freedom above all.

      (Feel free to edit/delete due to cultural/racial insensitivity. Although I stand by injustice between groups is always based on an resource disparity)

  2. Anonymous7/4/21 01:13

    In the movie about Mexicans and Maori i saw
    "Whakapapa = genealogies"

    With Whakapapa pronounced as Vakapapa?
    This reminds me of the usage of the word 'Vake' in Dutch (Flemish) as dad or granddad.
    Papa of course is father.

    So Vake-papa is a grandfather, father of my father.
    How close can you get to describe lineage and genealogy?

    1. Anonymous8/4/21 19:54

      Do you mean between Dutch (Flemish) and Maori(Mexican)?

  3. Anonymous16/4/21 03:56

    Linage and genealogy are important.
    Though overhyped by certain “families” with influence.
    An remnant from ancient social hierarchy, used by the governing bodies to instil righteous divine rule.

    Important to note that humanity is of one seed. Dressed in cultures and behaviour inherit from direct ancestry and local environment.
    But also from trans-personal ancestry and global environment.
    Meaning all humans today, benefits from all cultures. Past and present.

    The morphic-field(R.Sheldrake) encases the totality of human experience into one source.
    Which all of us, is accessing.
    With natural diverse local expressions.

    Every lesson learned from our parents are available.
    And every lesson learned from their parents are available.
    And so it continues... the greatest gift, jokingly called “common sense”.
    Also adding to this, is the trans-personal ancestral memory. Everyone else ancestors memory. Although more distant, still available.

    And another source of “common sense” is available within nature/“super nature”.
    The framework that exist inside and outside our “ordinary” sensory detection.
    That is directly interactive in our life expressions. Especially our local ecology.

    The point is that, knowledge we have.
    In Great abundance.
    Discipline to avoid distractions and discern misdirections we lack.
    Maybe lacking more today in our entire history.

    Shifting our attention to Linage and genealogy, reawakens ancestral memory.
    Actively connecting to ones own ancestors is the single most common expression in all human cultures.
    This practice together with animism is the common root of all humanity.

    Honour your ancestors, by doing better.
    Honour others ancestors, by doing better.
    Representing humanity as your own unique personal local expression, by accessing “common sense” and maybe even supernatural “Common sense”.

    Exercising this common sense.
    On can track what and WHO, that prevents humanity.
    To live as a uniquely expression of its local environment. In harmony for the benefit of all life.

    1. Interesting thoughts. Rupert Sheldrake has indeed inspired me greatly. I was lucky to already learn about his work at university in the nineties and have read several of his books.