29 May 2019

Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Old German etc. Texts

Karl von Richthofen (1811-1888)
Traditionally, 'Old Frisian' is the term used for the language of Frisian texts until ca. 1550 CE. Frisian is assumed to have developped out of 'North Sea Germanic' or 'Ingvaeonic', together with Saxon and English.

Below I will create a list of Old Frisian and other texts (currently available to me), the language of which will be compared to that of the Oera Linda-book. This list will be updated whenever I have new sources.
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My sources (books - physical copy or PDF):
  1. Old Frisian: Asega is het Dingtijd? - De hoogtepunten van de Oudfriese tekstoverlevering (2007)
  2. Old Frisian/ Middle Dutch: Thest Freske Riim / Tractatus Alvini - edited by Alistair Campbell (1952)
  3. Old Frisian: Het Rudolfsboek - proefschrift (1937 - PDF)
  4. Old High German: Das Hildebrandlied - Faksimile der Kasseler Handschrift mit einer Einführung von Hartmut Broszinski (1984)
  5. West Saxon dialect of Old English: Het Beowulf-epos - Angelsaksisch of Fries-Saksisch erfgoed van omstreeks 500 uit Frans-Vlaanderen (2006) see here newer tranliteration with English translation
  6. Middle English: Layamans Brut or Chronicle of Britain - A Poetical Semi-Saxon Paraphrase of The Brut of Wace (1847 - PDF) also see blog post
Original sources ('Asega is het Dingtijd?'/ 'Het Rudolfsboek'):
* Transcript available at tdb.fryske-akademy.eu
** Scans of original [no longer] available at digicollectie.tresoar.nl

Note: when texts from source 1. are not dated here, dating in book was "Graventijd"

Note: it would be good to know which texts were available to whom before 1867 - I will try to add this info. At least D ('Oude Druk') and the content of Richthofen's Friesische Rechtsquellen (1840) will have been available.
name original source my source
#1 De Sage van Karel en Redbad (c. 1200-1300) U (also J , D) (see here) 1
#2 Proloog op de Keuren en Landrechten R1 (also E1, F, H, J, U, D) 1
#3 De Zeventien Keuren R1 (also E1, F, H, J, U, D) 1
#4 De uitzonderingen op de Zestiende Keur E1 (also F, H) 1
#5 De uitzonderingen op de Zeventiende Keur R1 (also E1, F, H, J, U, D) 1
#6 De Vierentwintig Landrechten F (also R1, E1, H, J, U, D) 1
#7 De Overkeuren (c. 1200) H (also E1, F) 1
#8 De Willekeuren van de Opstalboom (dated 18-9-1323 CE) U (also D) 1
#9 Het Algemene (Oosterlauwerse) Boeteregister H (also R1, E1, F) 1
#10 Dit is ook Fries Recht (I en II) (c. 1150-1300) R1 (also R2) 1
#11 De Brookmerbrief (c. 1250-1300) B2 (also B1) 1
#12 De Hunsingoër Keuren van 1252 (1252 CE) H (ook F, Fs) 1
#13 Het Landrecht van Westergo (Oudere Schoutenrecht) J (also U, D) 1
#14 Het Jongere Schoutenrecht J (also U, D) 1
#15 Het Westerlauwers Zeendrecht J (also F, U, D) 1
#16 De Acht Doemen J (also F, U, D) 1
#17 De Keuren van Wininge (c. 1290?) Fs 1
#18 Het Asegarecht F 1
#19 De Vredeseed J 1
#20 De Magnuskeuren (c. 1200-1300?) U (also F, J, D) 1
#21 Van de oorsprong der Friese Vrijheid (c. 1300-1350) H 1
#22 Hoe de Friezen tot vrijheid kwamen (c. 1300-1400?) J (also A) 1
#23 Het Traktaat van de Zeven Zeelanden (1416 CE) D 1
#24 De vijftien tekenen voor de dag des oordeels R1 1

rijmkroniek 'Thet Freske Riim' (c. 1509-1515) MS II b 28 2
its adaptation: 'Tractatus Alvini' (between 1399-1512) MS Gabbema 9056 Hs D 2

Het Rudolfsboek J, D, U 3

epic poem: 'Hildebrandslied' (c. 830-840) Codex Casselanus 4

epic poem 'Beowulf' (c. 975-1025) Nowell Codex 5

Layaman's Brut / Chronicle of Britain (c. 1190-1215) MS Cott. Calig A IX / MS Cott. Otho C XIII 6

Preliminary note:
I do not believe every age had its own particular variety, but rather, different varieties existed alongside each other: various authors and copyists may have their own style and preference. Even within texts, often several varieties can be found.

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