20 May 2019

Different spelling and style of Pangab report

On page 120, Fréthorik Oera Linda introduces the report of Ljudgért, describing how king Alexander hired the service of Frya navigators and how a fleet eventually migrated back from India and Greece to the land of their forefathers (paragraphs 14d1-d2): "Liudgerd, the rear admiral of Wichard, became my ally and later my friend. From his diary I got the following history";

Later, on page 163, Fréthorik's son Koneréd adds a text (par. 16d), suggesting it was written by the same Ljudgért: "Among my father's papers, I found a letter, written by Liudgerd the Gerdman. Omitting some parts which only concern my father, I put the rest to good use here."
However, style and spelling of the two texts are significantly different, which will be demonstrated below.

In the following analysis four samples of text will be compared:
I.  'Pangab' (16d) without introduction: [163/15 PANGAB THAT IS... – 168/19 ... JOW LJUDGÉRT]
II.  'Fleet' (14d1-d2) without introduction: [120/15 NEI THÀT WI... – 130/20 ...N SÉEN HROPA]
III. 'Other': everything not included in any of the samples
IV. 'Samples': total of other samples 1ab, 4d, 8b12, 9a, 11ab, 13e2, 14ab, 15b2, 16b1, 16c, 19bc

1) spelling differences and sometimes a common word that does not exist anywhere else in the OLB (WELKE/-A):

2) relative to number of basic sentences (units), I. 'Pangab' has of all samples:
  • lowest nr. of personal pronouns: 24% (II. 'Fleet': 46%; IV. 'Samples': 36%)
  • lowest nr. verbs in past tense: 1,6% (II: 84%; IV: 61%)
  • lowest nr. verbs in singular: 34% (II: 68%; IV: 61%)
  • lowest nr. verb + infinitive: 13% (II: 28%; 24%)
[graphics showing deviation from average of samples will be added]
[discussion will be added]

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