17 November 2012

Page 1 ~ Line 1

Posted 05 November 2012 - 03:37 PM

There is something strange about the first line of page 1.
Why have I never noticed before?

The copyist made an effort to write neatly, the letters are more clear than on many later pages and also the two letters.
But the title "THET BOK THÉRA A.DEL.A.FOLSTAR" is not centered.
It is as if he started in the middle, not knowing what the title was going to be, or not realising that there would not be enough space on one line, when starting in the middle.

View PostAbramelin, on 05 November 2012 - 05:07 PM, said:
You'd think that someone copying an existing text would know how much space he would need to write the lines down on new paper.

The title may not have been part of the original text.

It does indeed look like "FOLSTAR" was initially omitted, and then added later.

Yes it looks like it was written with a different pen or ink; the letters are thicker.
It is strange because "THET BOK THÉRA A.DEL.A" is no good Fryan; it would have been something like "THET BOK FON A.DEL.A". 
 Here is my explanation.

Just like Jan Ottema would add a title ("ADELA"), when he published his transcription and translation in 1872 on his page 1, Hidde Oera Linda may have wanted to add a title to the copy he made in 1256.

His initial idea may have been THET BOK ÁDELA.S (The Book of Adela or Adela's Book).

After having penned down the first two words (the title would have been nicely centred), he gets a better idea.

He remembers having read a title somewhere in the book, something like THET BOK THÉRA ADELA.S HELPAR.

But before writing down the last word, he gets doubts and decides to check it first.

He can't easily find it and decides to just start copying, because sooner or later he will get to the point where he read it.

Then finally... on page 91, there it is!

But FOLLISTAR does not fit and is a bit old-fashioned, so he uses an alternative: FOLSTAR.

He adds it in the space that he had left open, and since his pen is a bit worn out, the letters become a bit thicker than the other ones on page 1, that had been written with a brand new pen.

View PostThe Puzzler, on 06 November 2012 - 04:33 AM, said:
Otharus' explanation on the added FOLSTAR sounds plausible and fairly logical imo.
View PostAbramelin, on 06 November 2012 - 05:26 AM, said:
It does indeed.


However, if someone started adding titles to the chapters at some point in time, then how accurate were these family members at copying their chronicle?  What more has been added or deleted or changed (..to make it look less old fashioned...??)

I have always said that any copyist may have added, adapted and censored things. That is what copyists and translators tend to do.

Btw, Otharus mentioned the word HELPAR (THET BOK THÉRA ADELA.S HELPAR) or in English, 'helper'.

The usual translation for FOLSTAR or FOLLISTAR is 'follower', but it actually does mean 'helper'

Ottema (1872) and Jensma (2006) translated "helpers". Sandbach (1876) chose "followers".

I think it is just a variety of FOLGSTER, from FOLGJA (to follow).
From follower to helper (in meaning) is a small step anyway.
Besides, OLB indeed has the word HELPAR too.

"Follower" is simply closer to the original word.

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