16 January 2020

1970s newspaper articles

In 1978, G.J. van der Meij published Kanttekeningen bij het Oera Linda Boek in which he presented examples of what he thought could be evidence for Halbertsma's involvement in the creation of the OLB.
I dismiss theories about 19th century authorship, but as the 1970s were a period in which the OLB got much new attention (with reprints by publishing house Minerva), I add the main articles here. They can be interesting for other reasons. Note that the 'pages' of the OLB that were printed in the first two articles in both cases were not photo's of the original manuscript, but of a handmade copies (without mentioning this important fact). The articles were reorganised to better fit on a computerscreen.

The four articles below were all published in the Leeuwarder Courant (in Dutch).

1.  6-1-1970 "Is Joast Hiddes maker van Oera Linda Boek?" (in 4 parts)

2. 18-1-1971 "Grandioze practical joke blijft toch boeien"

3. 24-3-1972 "Opzet van het Oera Linda Boek is zeer intelligent"

4. 18-10-1974 "Prof. Böttcher zegt: het was Halbertsma"

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