19 December 2017

Inventory of other Oera Linda translations

[this post was somewhat edited April, 2023] 

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Mine (read online or buy printed copy/PDF) is the first English translation straight from the original language, as the one by Sandbach (1876) was based on the first Dutch one by Ottema (1872). The Sandbach translation was the basis for most other (non-Dutch/German) ones.

The earlier translations (known to me) that were straight from the original language are:

Ottema - 1872, 1876
Overwijn - 1941, 1951
Jensma - 2006 (1)
De Heer - 2008 (2)
(1) This is the only translation that was based on the assumption that the text is a 19th Century forgery, meant as a joke.
(2) Translation is mostly based on Overwijn but uses unique Yule-font for transcription of the original text.

Wirth - 1933 (some parts were left out)
Menkens - 2013

Norse and improvised English:
Lien - 2013 (web-only)

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Chronological list of Oera Linda translations (known to me)

year author language title publisher
1872/ 1876 J.G. Ottema Dutch Thet Oera Linda Bok H. Kuipers, Leeuwarden (1, 2)
1876 W.R. Sandbach(1) English The Oera Linda Book Trübner & co., London
1933 H. Wirth(2) German Die Ura Linda Chronik Koehler & Amelang, Leipzig
1941/ 1951 J.F. Overwijn Dutch Het Oera Linda Boek N.V. Enkhuizer Courant/ Chefferd/ web-PDF
1963 E. Sturm German Die Oera Linda Handschriften typewriter copy
1983 F.H. Pierce English The Œra Linda Book typewriter copy
1992 U. & J. Hamilton Swedish Oera-Linda : en Fornfrisisk Krönika Cradle Publications
1998 A. Snyman Afrikaans Die Oera Linda boek Vaandel-Uitgewers, Mosselbaai
2004 A. Soldani Italian Oera Linda il libro, pagine di storia dimenticate web-only
2006 G. Jensma Dutch Het Oera Linda-boek Verloren, Hilversum
2007 J. Fermaut(3) French Le livre des Oera Linda selfpublished, Bierne
2008 S. de Heer(4) Dutch Ћet Oera Linda Bok self-published, Amsterdam
2012 A. Pietrykowska Polish Ksiñega Oera Linda Armoryka, Sandomierz
2013 H. Menkens German Die Oera-Linda-Handschriften Lühe-Verlag, Süderbrarup
2013 H.O. Lien Norse/ (English) Oera Linda-boka/ (The Oera Linda Book) web-only
2017 D. Campayo Bustos Spanish Oera Linda - un manuscrito del siglio XIII web-only
2018 Adel Brost (pseudonym) German Oera Linda Buch web-only
2020 Ανωνυμου Greek Το βιβλίο του Oera Linda - Μαρτυρες Της Αντλαντιδας Υπατια Λυδια
2021/ 2022 Jan Ott English Codex Oera Linda (various editions)
(1) Translation of Ottema (1872).
(2) Wirth left out some parts.
(3) Translation of Ottema (1876?).
(4) Bewerking van Overwijn (1951).

Note: the English translation that was published as an appendix to "Survivors of the Great Tsunami" (2010/2011) and "Chronicles from pre-Celtic Europe" (renamed third edition, 2014), self-published by A.J. Raubenheimer were edited versions of the Sandbach translation.

Some of the translations in my collection:



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