15 June 2014

OLB Family charts

1. Swéthirte & Friso: 2 daughters, 2 sons (3rd. century BCE)

In this chart Friso's two brothers in law from his first marriage, Hetto and Bruno, are not mentioned. They both married daughters of influential kings (see p.205 of Sandbach translation) and settled in Kattaburch (Saxanamarka), resp. Mannagarda-wrda.

Note the names:
WIL-fréthe, WIL-jow, WIL-him
wich-HIRTE, swét-HIRTE, sjucht-HIRTE

2. Wiljow & Fréthorik: 3 daughters, 2 sons (3rd. century BCE)

3. Adela & Apol: 1 daughter, 3 sons (6th. century BCE)

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