15 November 2021

Web shop / 1st, 2nd, E-book editions

The web shop oeralinda.nl where all three editions can be purchased is now operational.

The first edition is now sold out [Nov. 25].

An E-book (PDF) has been made and is available in the web-shop. It has hyperlinks enabling easy navigation of the alternative reading order/ sections, if desired.

The second edition (500 copies) is now available!

Regular price for 1 to 3 books is €24

Volume discounts:

≥ 4 books €20 per book

≥ 10 books €16 per book

≥ 20 books €12.50 per book

E-book of the second edition is priced €9

same width x height, but half as thick and half as heavy, reducing shipping cost, in particular for larger quantities
containing 16 manuscript pages in grey-scale (of 190; these were all included in color in 1st edition - 2 on 1 page)
one of the five appendices; new in 2nd edition
Better page samples here.


  1. The first edition is so beautiful to me, I hesitate to open it every time I read. Glad there are different versions available..

    1. I much appreciate your comments, Kim.

  2. The first edition looks beautiful; i, am kicking myself that i, only discovered it now; but better late than never :)


  3. Will there be any more first editions available? I am hoping to be able to scoop one up for my collection.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, there will be a new hardcover edition early 2022. A pre-order option will soon be added to the shop.