05 November 2021

2nd English edition of Codex Oera Linda

impression of new cover design
The files have been sent to the printer-binder. The books are expected to be delivered to me mid-November. If shipping abroad will not be too much delayed, they may arrive on time before Yule.

It will be the same size as the first edition (17 by 24 cm/ 6.7 by 9.4 inch), but half as thick (1,5 cm/ 0.59 inch) and half as heavy (ca. 480 gram). It will be paperback, printed on lighter paper (90 gram/m2 instead of 120), it will not include the color section, the font size is somewhat smaller and several short paragraphs have been combined. Also, some improvements have been made, footnotes are added, it includes 16 page-filling manuscript scans (in gray scale, see below), as well as five appendices regarding the authenticity question and to facilitate further research. The cover design is completely different from that of the first edition.

Change of form will make the price per book lower, in particular international shipping cost of larger quantities. There will also be a volume discount, to make larger orders even more attractive, for example for book shops. Before the new edition is released, a proper web shop will be installed on oeralinda.nl.

Click on the images for larger view:
main changes of content marked in red
16 manuscript pages (of 190) are included

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