18 July 2017

Yes-us from Kashmir

[139/08] in the end they said that Yes-us was a god

The Oera Linda-book (first published in Dutch translation by Dr. J.G. Ottema in 1872) contains a narrative about a Jes-us or Yes-us from Kashmir:
  • who would have lived ca. 600 BCE, 
  • who would also have been known as Buda, Kris-en and Fo
  • who would have been a wise teacher that was deified after his death.
The narrative suggests that Yes-us was one of the names of Buddha, which raises the question if Jesus of Nazareth (whether historic of mythic) might have been named after this earlier Yes-us. [I wrote this before I studied the works of Joseph Atwill, which I highly recommend.]
Note: Although I have transliterated the name as JES.US, I prefer spelling in English as Yes-us, since the J in Dutch and German is pronounced as English Y, not as J (dj). Compare English: "Yule" vs. Dutch/ German: "Jul"/ "Joel". Ottema translated the name as Jessos, which was copied in the English translation by Sandbach (1876).
If Yes-us (whatever spelling) was indeed one of many names of Buddha (which is not impossible), one can imagine why both Christian and Buddhist authorities would have hidden or destroyed sources about it.

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First, some quoted fragments by way of introduction (my italics).

Ottema (1804-1879)
Dr. J.G. Ottema (1873) "Geschiedkundige Aanteekeningen en Ophelderingen bij Thet Oera Linda Bok" (p.28, my provisional translation from Dutch):
Jes.us, Jessos, Jess
With the expulsion of Buddhism from Kashmir and its dispersion to the east, the name Jess seems to have disappeared and been replaced in the legend by Gautama and Sakyamuni. The influence of Buddha's teaching, however, seems to have spread westwards too, with the Fire-worshippers of Aria, the Persians and those in Azerbaijan, the latter having kept the memory of Buddha's first name in their name Yezidis. Likewise with the Slavic peoples, among which the Old-Polish mythology uses the name Jess for the supreme godhead as well as for the greatest of planets, Jupiter.
Fo is the common Chinese name for Buddha.
Krisen: In India, Buddha is regarded to be the ninth Avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu and a continuation of the Avatar of Krishna, which would make Buddha the reborn Krishna.

Volney (1757-1820)
C. F. Volney (1791, translated 1802 from French) "The Ruines; Or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires and the Law of Nature"
(...) so that the existence of Jesus is no better proved than that of Osiris and Hercules, or that of Fot or Beddou, with whom (...) the Chinese continually confound him, for they never call Jesus by any other name than Fot.
Christianity, or the Allegorical Worship of the Sun, under the cabalistical names of Chrish-en, or Christ, and Ye-sus or Jesus.
"Finally, these traditions went so far as to mention even his astrological and mythological names, and inform us that he was called sometimes Chris, that is to say, preserver, and from that, ye Indians, you have made your god Chrish-en or Chrish-na; and, ye Greek and Western Christians, your Chris-tos, son of Mary, is the same; sometimes he is called Yes, by the union of three letters, which by their numerical value form the number 608, one of the solar periods. And this, Europeans, is the name which, with the Latin termination, is become your Yes-us or Jesus, the ancient and cabalistic name attributed to young Bacchus, the clandestine son (nocturnal) of the Virgin Minerva, who, in the history of his whole life, and even of his death, brings to mind the history of the god of the Christians, that is, of the star of day, of which they are each of them the emblems."

Strabo book 15, chapter 1, section 59, with translation Hamilton & Falconer, 1903 (source):
῎αλλην δὲ διαίρεσιν ποιεῖται περὶ τῶν φιλοσόφων, δύο γένη φάσκων, ὧν τοὺς μὲν Βραχμᾶνας καλεῖ τοὺς δὲ Γαρμᾶνας.
Megasthenes divides the philosophers again into two kinds, the Brachmanes and the Garmanes*. (*translators' note: Brahmins and Sarmanes)
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Translation of chapter 15c. here, manuscript pages and edited transcription start here.

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