02 April 2015

NG-letter ~ separate N-G ~ finger

screenshot of video "2c. Oera Linda (english) ~ In Modum Rotae"

In my transliterations I have chosen to write this letter as NG, because we don't have it in our western alphabet. I could have used the letter from the phonetic script, but using strange letters could discourage people to read the original language and it is impractical because most of us don't have it on our keyboards.

The disadvantage however, is that we can no longer tell if the original word was spelled with the unique letter, or with separate N and G.

Luckily, there is only a limited amount of words that were spelled with the separate letters. Most by far are spelled with the 'Ŋ' letter.

Words with the separate letters:

AN'GA - Dutch: aan-gaat ('goes-on', concerns)
ÉN'GÁ - spouse ('one-go', 'go-as-one')
EN'G - Dutch: enig (only)
ÉN'GE, EN'GE - Dutch: enige, enkele (some)
EN'GOSTA - Dutch: enigste ('most' only)
FIN'GRUM - fingers
HEN'GJA - allow
IN'GLUPTH - crept in
IN'GVNG, JEN'GONG - Dutch: in-gang (entrance)
JEN'GE - German: jenige, ((the) one)
MAN'GÉRT, MAN'GHÉRT, MÀN'GÉRT - girl (literally 'man-desire'?)
PAN'G.AB - Punjab

This could be very interesting for the etymology of "finger", which is a total mystery.

cognates: (source)
fingar - Old Saxon
finger - Old Frisian
fingr - Old Norse
vinger - Dutch
Finger - German
figg - Gothic

Dutch etymology site:
"Verdere herkomst onbekend. [...] De diverse andere voorgestelde etymologieën zijn evenmin overtuigend."
(Further origin unknown. ... The various other  proposed etymologies are also not convincing.)

[152/04] Friso
The young maidens he spun 
around his case with golden fingers.

Sandbach p.205:
the younger maidens he led to his side with golden fingers

from 007-movie Goldfinger

FIN-GER = FIND-GÉRA = desire to find???

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