14 August 2021

The number Seven - SJVGUN - Sjoege

In Codex Oera Linda, the number seven plays a significant role. There are six slight spelling varieties, but the dominant one is SJVGUN (38 times out of 50).

Various cognates in known languages:

šiûgn - Wangerooge Frisian (extinct since 1950)
soogen, sôgn - Saterland Frisian
sju - Norse, Swedish
sjö - Icelandic
seven - English
zeven - Dutch
zeuven - Westfrisian
seiven - Scots
söven - Low German
siwen - Luxembourgish
sewe - Afrikaans
syv - Danish
sieben - German
sân, sâwen - Frisian
семь (sem') - Russian
сім (sim) - Ukrainian
seitse - Estonian
seitsemän - Finnish
septiņi - Latvian
septyni - Lithuanian
sept - French
Șapte - Romanian
seacht - Irish
seachd - Scots Gaelic
saith - Welsh
sette - Italian
sete - Portuguese
siete - Spanish
седум (sedum) - Macedonian
siedem - Polish

seofon - Old English
sibun - Old High German (8. Jh), Gothic
siƀun - Old Saxon
septem - Latin
ἑπτά (heptá) - Old Greek (New Greek: εφτά, eftá)
सप्तन् (saptán) - Sanskrit

Oldfrisian dictionaries:
siugun, sigun, sogen, soven, saven, savn (Köbler 2014)
sogen, saun, siugun (Wiarda 1786)
siugen uitspr. soaen (Hettema 1832)
sigun, siugun, sogen, soven, saven, savn (Richthofen 1840)

In Codex Oera Linda, the number seven is used in many phrases, many compared to other counting numbers:

Pronunciation would have been sjoegen.

There is this word from informal (spoken) Dutch dialects (e.g. in Amsterdam, Westfriesland): sjoege: understanding, insight, knowledge, wit. Its etymology is uncertain, but assumed to have come from Yiddish and Hebrew:

Dutch etymological standard work on sjoege

I suggest that sjoege is SJVGUN is seven, which number is related to understanding, insight, knowledge, wit

Other numbers may have also had a symbolic meaning, for example four (FJUR) being related to the fourth element; fire and six (SEX) being related to fertility, procreation and sexual pleasure.

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  1. Cannot wait for a time where there are OLB scholars and theologians who decode the countless bits of spiritual information found in every line of the Oera Linda. One day.