07 August 2021

Alternative reading order/ sections

On page 9 of Codex Oera Linda - [first] English edition (2021), a list is presented with a suggested alternative reading order. While the codex page/line numbers are correct, some of the chapter numbers are not (they refer to an earlier version by mistake). Below is the correct and more elaborate list. 

(Please note: in the second edition, a correct list is included and in the E-book, the sections can easily be navigated by use of hyperlinks)

Historical narratives

1) c. 2200 to 2100 BCE
codex [047/06 – 061/27]
book p. 81-98

7a. Before the Bad Times
7b. How Aldland Sank, ca. 2190 BCE
8a. Magyars and Finns, ca. 2090 BCE
8b. Wodin and the Magus
8c. Tunis and Inka Depart
8d. Tunis and the Tyrians
8e. The Idolatrous Gols

2) c. 1650 to 1550 BCE
codex [061/28 – 071/29]
book p. 99-110

9a. The War of Kelta and Minerva, ca. 1630 BCE
9b. Jon’s Revenge
9c. Kelta and the Gols
9d. Jon and Minerva Resettle
codex [033/22 – 040/10]
book p. 63-70

4f. Minerva
4g. Crete
codex [072/05 – 075/07]
book p. 111-114

9e. The Geartmen Move to Panj-ab

3) c. 1200 BCE
codex [075/08 – 079/10]
book p. 115-119

10a. Ulysus’ Quest for a Lamp, ca. 1190 BCE
10b. Athenia: Miscegenation and Decadence

4) c. 600 to 500 BCE
codex [079/11 – 087/18]
book p. 121-129

11a. Denmarks Lost, ca. 590 BCE
11b. Death of Frana
11c. Death of the Magus
codex [141/26 – 142/01]
book p. 193

15d. Frana’s Will
codex [087/19 – 089/32]
book p. 131-133

12. Adelbrost: Intrigues and Division
codex [001/01 – 005/28]
book p. 21-27
1a. Council in Confusion, ca. 560 BCE
1b. Adela’s Advice
1c. Names of the Reeves
codex [091/11 – 097/27]
book p. 136-142

13b. Bruno: A Treacherous Maiden
13c. Death of Adela
13d. Ode to Adela
codex [090/01 – 091/11]
book p. 135-136

13a. Adel-Bond Alliance
codex [106/10 – 113/21]
book p. 152-159

13h. Apollania’s Burg
13i. Apollania’s Journey

5) c. 350 to 50 BCE
codex [113/23 – 118/31]
book p. 161-166

14a. Fryasland Swamped, ca. 305 BCE
14b. Gosa: Expulsion of the Blacks
codex [130/21 – 131/25]
book p. 179-180

14f. Northland
codex [163/10 – 168/19]
book p. 215-220

16f. Liudgeart: Panj-ab Report
codex [120/10 – 130/20]
book p. 167-179

14d. Alexander the King
14e. Demetrius and Friso
codex [118/32 – 120/10]
book p. 166-167

14c. A Fleet Arrives, ca. 300 BCE
codex [131/26 – 133/26]
book p. 180-182

14g. Defects of the Brokmen
codex [133/17 – 134/21]
book p. 183-184

15a. Wilyo from the Saxonmarks
codex [143/01 – 163/09]
book p. 195-215

16a. Canals and Dykes
16b. Friso: Alliances
16c. Friso: Praise and Suspicion
16d. Adel and Ifkia
16e. Gosa: Purity of Language
codex [142/01 – 142/32]
book p. 193-194

15e. Gosa’s Will
codex [168/20 – 210/32]
book p. 221-245
17. Beden, Son of Haechgana
18. Rika: Stealing of Titles
19a. Askar Prepares for War
19b. Streams of Blood
19c. Reintia’s Dream
19d. Askar Lost to Idolatry
19e. How Punishment Came
19f. Askar’s Failure

6) Myths and teachings
codex [005/30 – 011/11]
book p. 29-36

2a. Festa, Take up your Stylus
2b. Our Primal History
2c. Lyda was Black
2d. Finda was Yellow
2e. Frya was White
codex [045/01 – 047/04]
book p. 77-80

6. Yule, Script, Numbers
codex [097/29 – 106/09]
book p. 142-151
13e. Primal Teachings 1
13f. Primal Teachings 2
13g. The Unsociable Man
codex [134/22 – 141/25]
book p. 184-192

15b. Hellenia: Princes and Priests
15c. Yesus or Buda of Kashmir

7) Laws, rules and justice
codex [011/13 – 033/21]
book p. 37-63

2f. Frya’s Tex
2g. Festa: Laws and Frya’s Day
3a. Burg Laws
3b. General Laws
3c. Laws for the Army and War
3d. Folk mother and Kings at War
3e. Security and War Aftermath
4a. Preventing War
4b. Laws for the Steersmen
4c. Useful Precedents
4d. About Laws
4e. Aewa
codex [040/11 - 044/27]
book p. 71-76

5a. Three Principles
5b. Regulations and Penalties
5c. Punishments for Wrathful People
5d. Punishments for Evildoers
5e. Three Thieves

8) Letters of instruction
codex [00a/01 - 00b/25]
book p. 19-20

A. Hidde Oera Linda, 1255 CE
B. Liko Ovira Linda, 803 CE

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  1. unrelated to this post, but I was wondering if you had any knowledge of Wikipedia article editing. The current page for the Oera Linda is heavily biased and it's description has negative connotations. It'd be a lot more favorable if the description was changed to something more neutral, as to not have new researchers discouraged.

    1. Great question. I have tried in 2009 already and also recently, but everything immediately gets undone by the editors. I will leave that to others. If you like my work, please make use of it.

    2. No worries Jan. You are first and foremost source when I recommend ANYTHING about the OLB to anybody haha.

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