22 November 2019

The Over de Linden-Kofman marriage

A closer look.

Continues from earlier posts:
Kofman-Greiner Family
[6] Bartholdus Over de Linden, Jacob Kofman en Neeltje Reuvers
Important source to be analysed: 1934 letter by Hajo Last

If Hein Kofman was rigth and Cornelis Over de Linden indeed stole (or took by force) the manuscript from the Kofman-Reuvers family, this would mean:
  • It had great value to Rijkent Kofman and/or Cornelia Reuvers (who in 1948 were ca. 28 and 30 years old respectively), or else they would either just have given it to him, or not have cared much about about him having taken it (and thus, not tell their son he had stolen it);
  • Jacob Kofman, being the oldest son (4 years old when Cornelis took it) will have known about it even better than his younger brother Hein, and if missing parts remained in the family, he would most likely have inherited them;
  • The missing parts and explanation will have been passed down to Jacob's only son in law (before he died): Gerard Over de Linden, who also became member of the Apostolic church after his marriage with Keetje Kofman;
  • If missing parts still existed, Gerards only son, Bartholdus Gerardus (1898- ? ) will most probably have had them and passed them on, unless he had no children (in which case one of his sisters will have, probably).
  • Since the only thing found so far about B.G. Over de Linden from after his marriage are two mentions in the Utrecht local newspaper of his participation in chess matches 1943 and 1944, further research is desirable.
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Marriage date 17-2-1898 Enkhuizen, moved to Amsterdam on that same day.

Bridegroom: Gerard Over de Linden, born 9-1-1871 Enkhuizen [27 years old]
militieregister 1891 (letterzetter) vrijstelling broederdienst, blue eyes/ blond
lived with mother, sister (33 yo) and two brothers (29/40 yo) at Spoorstraat 330c
church: Ned. Herv. (Dutch Reformed)
1 sister lived in Amsterdam and 1 brother had lived in Rotterdam
he had been compositor in at least 1891; his father had been carpenter's assistant

Bride: Catharina J.H. Kofman (Keetje), born 14-8-1875 Enkhuizen [22 years old]
lived with parents and 1 sister (Cornelia, 33 y.o.) at Torenstraat 180
church: Apostolic
sister Eva had died 1,5 years earlier, 27 y.o.

Parents bridegroom:
Bartholdus Over de Linden [born 1834, died 6,5 years earlier]
& Trijntje Mes [bron 1833, 64 years old]

Parents bride:
Jacob Kofman [born 1843, 54 years old]
& Hendrika Greiner [born 1842, 56 years old]

(VI. Gerard Over de Linden, z.v. (V. Bartholdus Over de Linden en Trijntje Mes, geb. 9-1-1871 Enkhuizen, ovl. 13-6-1955 Amsterdam (begr. 'De Nieuwe Ooster'), winkelbediende 1898, vertr. naar Amsterdam 17-2-1898, magazijnbediende 1915 en 1930, winkelier 1923;
geh. (1) 17-2-1898 Enkhuizen
Catharina Jacoba Hendrika Kofman, geb. 14-8-1875 Enkhuizen, ovl. 1-11-1913 Amsterdam, d.v. (V. Jacob Kofman en Hendrika Greiner;
geh. (2) 7-1-1915 Amsterdam
Jenneke Hendrika Lamberts, geb. 17-3-1885 Utrecht, verloskundige (RK), d.v. Gerrit Hendrik Lamberts en Aaffien Madiol
Kinderen uit (1) alle geregistreerd als Apostolisch:
  1. Bartholdus Gerardus Over de Linden, geb. 23-7-1898 Amsterdam ==>> (VII.
  2. Hendrika Jacoba Over de Linden, geb. 1-10-1900 Amsterdam ==>> (VII.
  3. Catharina Cornelia Over de Linden, geb. 5-10-1905 Amsterdam ==>> (VII.
  4. (Cornelia Eva, geb. 16-5-1907 en ovl. 5-1-1908 Amsterdam)
Toegevoegd aan gezinskaart:
  1. Maria Kipping/ Kipping Over de Linden* (Mies), geb. 13-5-1924 Antwerpen (RK), ovl. 2-6-2009 Leiden, gedenksteen bij crem. Bilthoven (*naamsverandering bij Koninklijk besluit 22-1-1929, bron NL Leeuw jrg. 47); geh. (?) Dr. P.J. de Vries, geb. 26-8-1923, ovl. 4-2-1994

 = = = = =
B.G. Over de Linden, vermeld als schaker
in Utrechtse Courant 12-1-1944;
10-jarig bestaan schaakclub 'De Dom'
(zo ook 24-2-1942)

marriage 1923
(VII. Bartholdus Gerardus Over de Linden, z.v. (VI. Gerard Over de Linden en Catharina Jacoba Hendrika Kofman, geb. 23-7-1898 Amsterdam, ovl. 21-9-1967 Utrecht, commies bij de NS, won. Utrecht v/a 3-12-1921;
geh. 1-11-1923 Amsterdam
Maria Petronella Elisabeth Kropff, geb. 11-2-1898 Amsterdam (Ned. Herv.), ovl. na 1967, d.v. Johan Hendrik Kropff en Adriana Maria de Wild (JHK geb. 1861, z.v. Martinus Jacobus Kropff en Johanna Petronella Elisabeth Quaadgras/ AMW geb. 12-11-1866 Rotterdam)

- - - broer/zus

marriage 1923

(VII. Hendrika Jacoba Over de Linden, d.v. (VI. Gerard Over de Linden en Catharina Jacoba Hendrika Kofman, geb. 1-10-1900 Amsterdam, telegrafiste (Apostolisch); [gezin vertrok 2-1-1932 (weer) naar Batavia; terug uit Bandoeng 10-7-1946, dan won. Bosboom Touss.str. 43-3; naar Batavia 18-3-1947; terug 25-7-1953 Paulus Potterstr. 34hs; 7-10-1953 Nieuwer Amstel, Icaruslaan 34], ovl. voor 1992;
geh. 7-6-1923 Amsterdam
Hermanus Johannes Stokvis, geb. 10-5-1900 Amsterdam, ovl. 7-2-1992 Amstelveen, controleur 2e kl. bij de Post- en Telegraafdienst (geen religie), z.v. Pieter Stokvis en Maria Johanna van der Wardt
Kinderen: (niet vermeld i.v.m. privacy)
  1. dochter
  2. zoon

- - - zussen

marriage 1930

(VII. Catharina Cornelia Over de Linden, d.v. (VI. Gerard Over de Linden en Catharina Jacoba Hendrika Kofman, geb. 5-10-1905 Amsterdam, ovl. 12-6-1993 Amsterdam, kantoorbediende (Apostolisch);
geh. 30-1-1930 Amsterdam  
Lukas Jakobus Niederländer, geb. 30-11-1904 Amsterdam, ovl. 7-10-1977 Amsterdam, kantoorbediende, z.v. Rijnhard Niederländer en Louisa Christina Christiaans
Kinderen: (niet vermeld i.v.m. privacy)
  1. zoon

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