17 August 2018

The Bearer and his Yule

page from Cronecken der Sassen,
Conrad Bote, 1492
 This part three about the pre-Christian 'religion' that emerges from the Oera Linda-book focusses on the Carrier or Bearer (KRODER/-AR) and his Yule (JOL) or Wheel of Time. Related are the concepts Time (TID), the Beginning (T.BIJIN) and what I translate as the Potential (T.ANFANG, Dutch/German: aanvang, Anfang).

 'Kroder' must be related to Krodo/Crodo, known from German-Saxon sources and to Chronos from the Greek tradition. These were both associated with time.

 'Jol', most well known today as 'Yule' is still the more original name for the traditional Northwestern European midwinter celebration. In the Scandinavian languages the word also still means wheel (spelled hjul).

 The 'Bijin' may very well have been the origin of the Beguines, as argued in an earlier post (scroll down to April 19).

 The 'Anfang' will have been what was actually contemplated at the German-Marsi 'Tanfana' temples that were destroyed by the Romans, as described by Tacitus, instead of an assumed goddess with that name.

Relevant fragments concerning the Bearer and his Yule
(updated 23-12-2023)

2b. Our Primal History [006/13/19/30] TID WROCHTE ALLE THINGA
Wralda, who is wholly good and eternal, created the potential. From this came time, and time wrought all things; even the very Earth herself. [...] After the twelfth Yulefeast, she bore three girls [...] and so each bore twelve sons and twelve daughters; twins each Yuletide.

the 'Great Bear' does not look
like the animal bear, but like
a barrow (Old English: baer)
2g. Vesta: Laws [014/10] THA KRODAR ÀND SIN JOL
All rules that endure for one ‘aew’ — that is one hundred years — with the Bearer and his wheel may, on the advice of the mother and by common consent, be written on the walls of the burgs. Once they have been written upon the walls, they are ‘eawa’: laws, and it is our duty to honor them.

3b. General Laws [020/19] THRJA DÉGAN FÁR THÉRE JOL.DÉI
9. All the market receipts must be annually divided into a hundred parts, three days before the Yule Day.

4f. Minos: Minerva [035/29] THENE KRODER. THÀT IS TID
“If, then, your supreme being is so very good, why does he not prevent evil?” the priests asked.

Hellenia answered: “Frya has put us on the path, and the Bearer — that is time — must do the rest. For all calamities, counsel and help can be found. But Wralda wants us to search for them ourselves, in order that we should become strong and wise. If we refuse, he permits our fate to unravel, so that we should experience the results of wise and foolish deeds.”


  Depicted above are the signs of the Yule, the primary symbol of Wralda and of the Potential or the Beginning, from which came Time, the Bearer, who must conduct the Yule in its circuit forever.
[...] They later learned our script — specifically the Finns, the Tyrians and the Greeks — but they were not well aware that it was based on the Yule and therefore must always be written sunwise.

8a. Magyars and Finns, ca. 2090 BCE [052/22] JUST WÉRET JOL.FÉRSTE
Eighty years later — the Yulefeast had just begun — they assailed us unexpectedly and, like a blizzard, fell over our lands.

9c. Kelta and the Gola [067/25] ÉR THES KRODER.S JOL ÉNIS OMHLÁPEN HÉDE
This went like lightning over the lands and, before the Bearer’s Yule had completed one circuit, she was mistress over all of them and of the Tyrians, from all our southern territories up to the Seine.

If the far Greeklands are among Frya’s legacy, then her morals shall flourish there; but if they are not, there shall have to be lengthy struggle over the lands — because the Bearer shall transport the Yule in its circuit for five thousand years before Finda’s folk are ripe for freedom.

11b. Death of Frana [083/17] TWA SPÉKE JEFTHA 2000 [TWA.THÛSEND] JÉR
At first, Frana ignored him. But she finally opened her lips and spoke: “My eyes are darkened, but the higher light is enkindled in my soul ... Yes, I can see ... Hark Earth, and rejoice with me! In the times when Aldland drowned, the first spoke of the Yule wheel stood at the top. Thereafter, it descended — and our freedom went down with it. When two more spokes, or two thousand years, have passed, the sons who are born out of fornication by princes and priests shall stand up and denounce their fathers. These sons will all be murdered. But what they say shall be remembered and bear fruit in the hearts of the virtuous, like good seeds sown in your soil. Yet another thousand years the spoke shall descend, and sink ever deeper into darkness and blood — shed over you through the deceptions of princes and priests. But there will come a day when the dawn glows red again, and, seeing this, the false princes and priests will join forces to keep freedom at bay. But freedom, love, and unity will encircle and protect the people and, with the wheel of time, they will rise from the evil morass. The light that started as a lone glimmer shall grow and become a mighty flame. The blood of the wicked shall flow over you, O Earth, but you must not drink of it. In the end, the toxic vermin shall feast upon it and perish. All the vile histories made up to bolster the position of the princes and priests will be offered to the flames. Then, all your children shall live in peace.”
When she had spoken, she sank back.

13e. Primal Teachings 1 [098/20 + 099/26] MITH THET JOL WANDELATH AND WIXLATH ALLET ESKÉPENE
Out of Wralda comes both the beginning and the end.


With the circling of the Yule, all creation alters and changes. But only God is unchanging.

13e1. Apollonia's Burg [106/14/25] THJU DANTE FON.ET JOL
The tower has six sides and is three times thirty feet high, flat on top. A small observatory sits thereon, from which one watches the stars. On each side of the tower there is a hall, three hundred feet long, three times seven feet wide and equally high, except for the roof, which is vaulted. [...]

Looking down from the tower, one sees the shape of the Yule.

14f. Faults of the Brokmen [131/26] HWERSA THENE KRODER EN TID FORTH KRODEN HETH
When the Bearer has wheeled forth the Yule for some time, then posterity might come to believe that the faults brought here by the Brokmen were those of their own ancestors.

18. Rika: Title Theft [189/02 + 192/25] BIFÁRA THÀT JOL INOP EN ÔRE HLÁP.HRING TRÉTH
Letter of Rika, the elder maiden, read at Staveren at the Yulefeast:


They will call upon Wralda, and upon Frya and her maidens, though none shall be able to lend any relief before the Yule enters a new cycle. And that shall not come to pass until three thousand years have gone by after this age.

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