09 February 2018

Oera Linda on Red Ice TV

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Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice TV speaks with Dr. Siobhán Higgins-Welter and Jan Ott about the Oera Linda-book (2018). For earlier Red Ice interview (2016), see here.

References (more may be listed later):

0:04:30 Similar mythic history of the Irish people: Leabhar Gabhála (or: Lebor Gabála Érenn).

 0:36:30 Wheel remains  in Römisch-Germanische Museum in Köln (Cologne).

 0:52:20 Paper waterlines in 12th century Arab-Spanish paper as compared to those in OLB paper.

 1:23:00 Dares Freson in "Story of England" by Robert Mannyng of Brunne, 1338 CE.

(add video time) Neptune and "nephew"varieties in other languages: blog post

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