23 May 2011

Some notes on the Over de Linden family

(this was posted on the UM forum on 27 april 2011)

I hesitated posting this, but after having thought about it for a few days, I think the family won't mind, as it is for the good of the research and with the most respect. This is also to support the Reuvers-Kofman theory that I posted about recently.

For details see genealogy.

Generation I ~ Jan Andries-son Over de Linden (ca.1718-1794)

He had been a 'klerk' (administrator) in Leeuwarden in the early 1740-s, but moved to Enkhuizen after his marriage in 1745 with Jantje vd Woud from Harlingen. That he was a klerk means that he came from a relatively well-to-do family, or else he would not have learnt to read and write.

Enkhuizen in the 18th and 19th century was like a ghost town. In the 17th century, being one of the East-India-Comany cities, it had florished, but from 1650 it went downhill and fell in decline. When Jan O.L. arrived, there was only some trading of agricultural products and material from broken-down houses. Why would someone with a good education move from Friesland to a Westfrisian ghost-town like Enkhuizen was, and settle as a book-publisher?

It is tempting to think that there were political motives. If he was indeed the owner of the OLB, he might have had ideas and ideals that were not in harmony with the Frisian 18th century establishment. In Enkhuizen in the more liberal Westfriesland he would have much more freedom to print and sell his books.

Further research is needed to know who was his employer in Leeuwarden, if he is mentioned in any legal- or church documents from either Friesland or Enkhuizen, what were the names of their other children (Johannes and Andries were named after the two grandfathers), and if any publications from his press have survived.

If indeed he passed on the OLB (or its original) to his son Andries (1759-1820) the carpenter, then why would he not ALSO have passed on a copy to his other son Johannes (1752-?) who followed his example to become a book-publisher as well. Jan Andriesz lived long enough to make one or more copies and pass on the tradition to both sons (and to other children if he had them).

Generation II ~ Johannes and Andries

It is noteworthy that Johannes married a woman from a "family of medical doctors and theologians" in 1776 and that they had their first child baptised only six weeks after the marriage. They must have died before 1810, as their youngest daughter stayed in an orphan-house from 1810 till 1814. It is remarkable that she was not adopted by her uncle and aunt or by her older brother Jan. Research is needed to the dates of death and a possible testament.

Andries did the "poorterseed" (oath of citizens?) in 1811 which means he was considered to be of good standing.

Further research is needed to establish if they had other children than the ones listed in the genealogy and if they appear in legal- or church documents.

Note that both Johannes and Andries named one son after their father, Jan.

Generation III

Jan Johannes-son Over de Linden (1776-1858) was the 3rd generation book publisher. He and his wife named their children according to the tradition:
1st son: father of the father
2nd son: father of the mother
1st daughter: mother of the mother
2nd daugtter: mother of the father
other children to uncles and aunts of choice

The only known son of Pieter Andries-son Over de Linden (1782-?), named Andries (born 1810), probably died at young age. He would have been another possible heir of the OLB.

From the marriage Jan Andries-son Over de Linden (1785-ca.1835) and Antje Goedmaat, not much was found on the web. I must have some notes at home though. If Cornelis was their only son, it's remarkable that he was not named Andries, after his father's father. This would suggest a conflict between Jan Over de Linden and his father Andries (who also was said to have passed on the OLB to his youngest daughter Aafje, because his son Jan would not have been interested). Cornelis was probably the name of his other grandfather.

It is significant that Jan O.L. was known to "not practice religion" (did he have a documented conflict with the church?), while his wife Antje Goedmaat was "orthodox Calvinist", changing her religion at old age (into what?). Further reasearch in the church archives may provide answers.

Aafje Andries-daughter had two children already (Cornelia and Andries) when she married their probable father Hendrik Reuvers (his mother's name was Cornelia) in 1821. This does not need to mean that they did not love each other enough, as it is possible that they just initially did not care about involving church and civil authorities into private matters. It is remarkable that one of their grandsons, Jacob Kofman (1843-1911) would become a driven 'apostle', who believed that the second coming of Chist was near (see earlier post), while his brother Hendrik (1853-1933) became a frontrunner of the socialist movement. According to the statements by Cornelis O.L. the OLB was passed on to Hendrik and Aafje Reuvers-Over de Linden, and it was because of his uncle Hendrik that he had not received the manuscript earlier.

Generation IV

Two sons (at least) of Jan Johannes-son followed the tradition of book-publishing, Johannes (1803-?) and Willem (ca.1813-?).

Cornelis Over de Linden (1811-1874) from the OLB must have had some problem with his father Jan, as he only named his 4th son after him, not just naming him Jan, but Anton-Jan (1843-?). I don't know the name of his wife's father yet, but if it wasn't also Cornelis, he really must have liked his own name, as he named his first son Cornelis and his second Antoon-Cornelis.

That there was something 'different' about the family ethics is once more demonstrated by a detail in Cornelis' auto-biography. He would have written that before he was married, when he was already working at the shipyard in Den Helder, he was living with a family and that he had had a love affair with the (married) woman of the house (DGG, p.238). Not only that this had happened, but mostly that he does not hide this (for most people embarrasing) fact, is remarkable. His full cousin Wijntje van Doornik (1829-1891) would have had five children from three different fathers (being married to one of them).

According to one version of the story of how Cornelis had received the OLB, he got it from his full cousin Cornelia Kofman-Reuvers (1818-1878). One of her sons, Hein (Hendrik) Kofman (1853-1933) would later have accused Cornelis O.L. of having stolen the OLB (from his mother or from his grandmother?). If this is true it would be a strong clue that Rijkent Kofman (Cornelia's husband) must have known more about the OLB (see my earlier post about this).

Generation VI (skipping V)

Last but not least, in the sixth generation the two branches of the Over de Linden family tree are reunited, in the marriage of Keetje, the daughter of Jacob (Rijkent's son) Kofman, the 'apostle', and her cousin to the fouth degree Gerard Over de Linden (from the book publishers branch). See below.

Jantje Johannis VAN DER WOUD
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|(II-1). . . . . . . . |(II-2)
Johannes . . . . . . . Andries
(1752-?) . . . . . . . (1759-1820)
Wilh.TEN BEEST . . . . IJfje SCHOLS
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|(III-1) . . . . . . . |(III-5)
Jan. . . . . . . . . . Aafje
(1776-1858). . . . . . ((1798-1849)
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|(IV-2). . . . . . . . |(IV-12)
Adrianus . . . . . . . Cornelia
(1807-1870). . . . . . (1818-1878)
Petronella HEIMAN. . . Rijkent KOFMAN
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|(V-3) . . . . . . . . |(V-18)
Bartholdus . . . . . . Jacob
OVER DE LINDEN . . . . KOFMAN (the 'apostle')
(1842-?) . . . . . . . (1843-1911)
Trijntje MES . . . . . Hendrika GREINER
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|. . . . . . . . . . . |
|(VI-10) . . . . . . . |
Gerard - -married to - Catharina J.H. ("Keetje")
(1873-?) . . . . . . . (1873-?)
died after 1923. . . . died before 1915

They had three children:
1) Bartholdus Gerardus OVER DE LINDEN,
born ca.1898, married to
Maria Petronella Elisabeth Kropff, born ca.1898
2) Hendrika Jacoba OVER DE LINDEN,
born ca.1901, married to
Hermanus Johannes Stokvis, born ca.1900
3) Catharina Cornelia OVER DE LINDEN,
born ca.1906, married to
Lukas Jakobus Niederländer, born ca.1905

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