15 September 2022

Project Oera Linda — tasks and teams

"Ik had alle vertrouwen in Freya"
(2004) pp. 97, 307 Na Valentijn.
After the Dutch Valentine special about Oera Linda, it has become clear that many more people believe in the project and are willing to support it.

It would no longer be efficient if I remain at the center of this. Therefore, it makes sense to create a structure in which dedicated teams can self-organize.

Current high priority tasks / active teams:

Preparation of 4th 'revised edition' Codex Oera Linda (500 copies), with many improvements specifically of the English.
  • Bruce (editing English), Jan (general editing, design, instructing book printer)
Improvement website/-shop OL Foundation, development of OL 'wiki'
  • Henk, Jan
Solving problems in shipping and delivery of parcels: Re-sending if needed
  • Jan (for next edition I will need help, or a proper publishing house taking over)

- - -

Several more projects are being initiated, yet to be announced:

related to media, research & validation, sponsors

= = =

First next public performance will be on 24 September at the 677th Frisian Victory of Stavoren celebration, with a 2 meters wide banner of selected manuscript pages, readings in Fryas language and some re-enactment.

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