31 January 2022

Time line and Plans for this year

Time line 

2009, summer — beginning of my Oera Linda studies.
2011, January — start of this blog.
2014, production of video Saved from the Flood in five languages.
2020, December — Oera Linda Foundation was registered.
2021, Summer — production and release of Codex Oera Linda ~ English edition.
2021, Autumn — ,, 2nd English edition and eBook.
2021, Yule/ Christmas — release of interview by Catherine Austin Fitts.
2021, January — both printed editions were sold out and shipped. Ebook €9 here.

Plans for this year

  • release of 3rd edition: deluxe, better than the first two.
  • production of a new Dutch translation.


  1. I must say sir, I am impressed with your ambition and your action. I remain a steadfast supporter of your work, and encourage others to be so as well.

  2. Anonymous14/3/22 10:34

    Can't wait for my copy!