27 September 2021

Preparing for 2nd edition of Codex Oera Linda

The first English edition (500+ copies) will soon be sold out.

So far, the following amounts of books have been shipped to and within:

United States: 175

Canada: 22
Australia and New Zealand: 17
within Europe: 257

Other: Brazil 1, Ecuador 1, Japan 1, South Africa 1.

Mutations after these maps were made (total 52): Switzerland +1, Canada +8 (5BC, ON, AB, QC), USA +28 (IA, WA, LA, 7CA, MA, OR, 2MI, OH, TN, NE, 4GA, 5FL, 2IN), Sweden +1, UK +6, Spain +2, Germany +1, NL +6.

(Information about second edition to be added; the maps will later be updated.)

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