12 September 2016

Proof that ±2200 BCE flood was known

Update 15 Nov. 2020: This flood year (exactly 100 years off) was also used during the Batavian Revolution in a Dutch publication (1792) "De Lantaarn" by Pieter van Woensel.
4085-1792-1 (year zero) = 2292

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Proof that ±2200 BCE flood was known in Friesland long before OLB was first published

This has been discussed earlier in the forum. However, as there have been prominent Oera Linda researchers (i.c. German Harm Menkens* and Alewyn Raubenheimer**) who state that the authenticity of the texts can be established simply by the fact that there was indeed a cataclysm ca. 2200 BCE, here is once more a Frisian Almanac page (1836) that has the same year for the (Biblical) deluge.

* Die Oera-Linda-Handschriften ~ Die Frühgeschichte Europas (2013, Lühe-Verlag) and Der Kampf um die Echtheid der Oera-Linda-Handschriften von 1850 bis heute (Vortrag 13. September 2015; published by Lühe-Verlag)
** Chronicles from Pre-Celtic Europe (Survivors of the Great Tsunami), 3rd edition 2014
page 12 from "Friesche Volks-almanak" 1836 (source)

Two relevant lines translated:

The year of our Christian era . . . 1836
Since the deluge . . . 4029

4029 -/- 1836 = 2193

Flood year in OLB (page 00a, letter Hidde): 3449 -/- 1256 = 2193

As my readers know, I rather advocate OLB's authenticity than any hoax theory. However, the flood year on itself is not good evidence (for either theory), since it was known even before Cornelis Over de Linden got the manuscript in his possession (1848 according to himself).

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