19 October 2015

page 002 - 003 Ádela speaks

For page 001, see earlier post.

ALTOMET - westfrisian: altemetteris (sometimes)
BÀRN - children; see post
HYRTOGUM (plur., elsewhere spelled HÉRTOGA) - du: hertog; ge: herzog; da,no: hertug; fr: hartoch; sw: hertig; ic: hertogi (duke, lit. army-leader)
VRDWÁLSKA - du: overdwaals; fr: oerdwealsk (excessive, audacious, haughty)

VRLOVANDE.RA KY MITH GOLDEN HORNA - literally "promising them cows with golden horns"; this expression still exists in Dutch and means the same as the English expression “to promise mountains of gold”; to promise much, and perform nothing

More words will be listed later. 

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  1. That is how we came here, and have to understand who we are where we came form and never again drop in the rabbithole.