05 December 2014

Himmler referring to Wralda

Himmler speaking at Heydrich's funeral, 9 June 1942.

In the following quotes, Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) referred to WR.ALDA, the supreme 'deity' of the OLB.

If indeed he (and through him the SS) was inspired by the OLB concept of a higher power, it would be understandable if established authorities rather have the OLB (a.k.a. 'Himmler's Bible') remain unknown to the general public.

(Original german fragments below, if available.)

1 From website, source and date unknown:
"Who observes and understands the process of selection in nature, is at the core a believer (in a higher power). He is a believer, because he knows there is an endlessly wise sovereignty above us. The ancient Germans had a beautiful expression for that: Waralda; the most ancient."

2 From website, source and date unknown:
"Atheism is the only world, or religious view that is not tolerated within the SS [...] I have not tolerated an atheist in the ranks of the SS. Every member has a deep faith in God, in what my ancestors called in their language Waralda, the ancient one, the one who is mightier than we are."

3 In speech at funeral of Heydrich (9 june 1942):
"Today at Heydrich's funeral I intentionally expressed in my oration from my deepest conviction a belief in God, a belief in fate, in the ancient one as I called him - that is the old Germanic word:  Wralda."
Longer fragment here

4 In speech to senior naval officers (1943):
"... above us is an infinite wisdom. The Teutons had a beautiful expression for it: Waralda, the ancient. We may dispute how it can be revered and how in earthly terms it can be broken down into cults and varieties."
Source: "Heinrich Himmler: A Life" by Peter Longerich, page 266

5 In last letter to his family (17 april 1945):
"The Most-Ancient ('Uralte'; overold-one) will protect us and particularly the brave/good German people, and not let us perish."
Comment on german website "Focus.de":
"With <Uralte> obviously <Waralda> was ment. Apparently that was how followers of the pseudoreligious <black order> of the SS referred to God - allegedly, germanic ancestors had also worshiped the divine power as <Waralda>."

- - - Original german fragments

1 "Derjeneige, der den Ausleseprozeß in der Natur beobachte und versteht, ist im tiefsten Grunde gläubig. Er ist gläubig, weil er eine unendlich weise Hoheit über uns weiß. Die Germanen hatten einen sehr schönen Ausdruck dafür: Waralda, das ist das Uralte."

3 "Ich habe heute an dem Begräbnistag von Heydrich in meiner Rede mit voller Absicht meine tiefste innere Überzeugung eines Glaubens an Gott, eines Glaubens an das Schicksal, an den Uralten, wie ich ihn nannte – das ist das alte germanische Wort: Wralda – ausgesprochen."

5 "Der Uralte wird uns und besonders das brave deutsche Volk behüten und uns nicht untergehen lassen."
Comment focus.de:
"Mit dem <Uralten> ist offenbar <Waralda> gemeint. So bezeichneten den Angaben zufolge Anhänger des pseudoreligiösen <schwarzen Ordens> der SS Gott – angeblich hätten germanische Vorfahren die göttliche Kraft ebenfalls als <Waralda> verehrt."

 "Uralte" in Himmler's handwriting;
fragment from his last known letter dated April 17, 1945.

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  1. <3<3<3 Such a treasure that you found the speeches in which Wralda is referred to. No where else can I find them much less translated into English.
    As you state, they remained unknown to the general public, and are just as unknown today. Yet the pervasive spirit emerges again and again. That blood born passion to seek truth, honor nature, and answer to a higher ideal. Exactly what Anton Holzner, and especially Jakob Wilhelm Hauer refer to in their essays. Nothing is more organic, righteous, and worthy!

    (How did I miss this for so long ? Thank you friend I continue to learn from you)