18 February 2014

Die Oera-Linda-Handschriften ~ Menkens

In the end of last year, another book about Oera Linda was published in Germany, containing a new translation. I received it and plan to review it in a future post.

"Die Oera-Linda-Handschriften: Die Frühgeschichte Europas"
publisher: Harm Menkens (432 pages)

Great-granddaughter of Jan Beckering Vinckers (1821-1891, he got his double name by adding the family name of his mother to that of his father) felt bad about what her g-grandfather had done to the Over de Linden family:

Dear Mr. Menkens! It was a wonderful surprise to receive your gift. I was very happy, to find out at the end of my existence, that it is granted to me, to somehow ablate the shame inflicted by my great-grandfather on the Over de Linden family. Thank you so much for this gift!! Many, many thanks, your Cornelia Woldt, born Beckering Vinckers, Neumünster.


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