05 April 2021

Short update

allegory of Dutch neutrality in 1742 (source)
The Oera Linda Foundation is not part of any political or ideological movement. Also, it does not explicitly take a position in the debate about authenticity of the OL manuscript or its content.

All who have pre-ordered the English edition will be informed about the project’s current status in week 15 [soon]. German and Dutch editions are already contemplated.

It is now possible to donate or deposit for pre-orders with Bitcoin (BTC):



  1. What became of the paper analysis that was said to be completed in 2013? I don't understand why a fiber analysis hasn't been done. Surely this topic can be put to bed if they do a fiber analysis and find that it is indeed modern machine printed paper? Do you have any info on this?

    1. Jan has made a post on the 2013 paper test before I believe. The people seeking to disprove it refused to disclose anything about their conclusion, after years of work. Surely if it came back as a 19th century fraud, they would have happily disclosed the results, but they did not. It is interesting you bring up a fiber test, I'd love to see that done, but nobody has expressed any interest in conducting one as far as I know.

      Unless you are referring to a different paper analysis test, I hope this helped.