01 February 2018

Oera Linda on Red Ice TV ~ Announcement and Illustrations

Coming up soon!

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Some of the following illustrations (and more) may be used and explained in the interview:

Tribes, 'Celtic and Germanic spread' 50 BC by Kessler, 'The History Files' (source)

archaeology-based reconstruction of 900 BCE woman (see blogpost)

the coastal areas from Flanders to Denmark have suffered many floods in history

Frisian medieval archaeological finds
Cornelis Over de Linden (1811-1874) owner of the manuscript from 1848 till his death
Dr. J.G. Ottema (1804-1879), first translator, researcher and advocate of the OLB

Cornelis Over de Linden had the manuscript in his possession from 1848, but the oral tradition about it (and perhaps the missing parts?) was possibly passed down along a different line of the family (marked red) - I will explain and discuss this in a future video
7th century silver bowl found in the Netherland in 2013 (see blogpost)
celebration of imagined German ancient culture at the "Tag der Deutschen Kunst", München,late thirties

6-spoke wheels carrying the remains of Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942) - Heinrich Himmler significantly referred to Wralda at memorial ceremony (see blog post)
fragment of golden cauldron made for the ϟϟ (see blog post)

Julleuchter or Yule lantern: Yuletide gift to ϟϟ families

from booklet (1935) made for ϟϟ families (blog post)
1941 design of Wewelsburg castle area
source Frans J. Los (1972) Die Ura Linda Handschriften als Geschichtsquelle

Baltic "ard al magus" (Land of Magus) on copy of 12th century Al-Idrisi map (blog post)

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