19 October 2016

Himmler's Ahnenerbe ~ Jason Reza Jorjani

"Was heisst Deutsch?" (1931)
by Herman Wirth*
Short fragment of Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani's speech "Occult Science and the Organic State" at the "Identitarian Ideas VIII" congress in Stockholm, October 1, 2016 (full version). More information on www.righton.net

Herman Wirth translated (most of) the Oera Linda Book into German and was co-founder of SS-Ahnenerbe. Heinrich Himmler often indirectly referred to the Oera Linda Book (he used the name Wralda or Uralte for God) and had it secretly investigated until 1942 by linguist Otto Maußer.

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* Herman Wirth was the actual spiritual father of Ahnenerbe. "Was heisst Deutsch?" (what means Deutsch/German?) was published in 1931, Ahnenerbe was founded four years later. Subtitle of the book: "Ein urgeistesgeschichtlicher Rückblick zur Selbstbesinnung und Selbstbestimmung" (a primordial-spiritual-historical retrospect aimed at self-reflection and self-determination). Already on the 7th line, Wirth writes about "Bewußtwerdung des Ahnenerbes" (becoming aware of the ancestral heritage).

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