01 October 2016

Radio Interview on Aesir Broadcasting Network

Notes to and references made in the ABN interview by John Johnson, recorded Thursday and published online Friday, September 30.

1:25 Red Ice interview: here

3:00 In the Dutch and English Oera Linda translations of 1872/ '76 (Dutch: Ottema) and 1876 (English: Sandbach), "OD" is mistranslated as "hatred". See blog post.

3:40 This book was "De Gemaskerde God" by G.Th. Jensma (2004). English summary here (pp. 364-371).

4:00 This translation was "Het Oera Linda Boek" (2008) by S. de Heer (private publication).

4:30 (Morphic) resonance is a concept defined by biologist Rupert Sheldrake. Short summary:

7:05 As far as I know, the terms "Nordic Bible", "Germanic Bible" and "Frisian Bible", referring to the OLB, were only used by people mocking it or proponents of it.

7:20 "Children of the Sun: A Pictorial Anthology from Germany to California 1883-1949" by Gordon Kennedy (1998)

7:40 Karl Maria Willigut (1866-1946) wiki

8:50 Awaited biography of Heinrich Himmler by historian David Irving: Mr. Irving would have written on his website (2002, no longer there):  
"With my left hand, so to speak, I am cranking up the research for the Heinrich Himmler biography with which I intend to conclude my career. It is noteworthy how much data there is on him in the British archives: the CSDIC interrogation series, the diplomatic reports, and of course the Bletchley Park intercepts of millions of SS and German Police messages. But much of his personal material is scattered in private hands across the United States, in the possession of the relatives of GIs who looted his various homes in Bavaria." (source)
9:00 Himmler referring to WRALDA or Uralte (most-ancient-one or world-spirit), see blog post.

13:00 English translation (1876) by William R. Sandbach: PDF

17:00 Video-part about paper research:

18:50 Jack tales: wiki

22:00 Team: John was probably referring to some of the other posters on the OLB forum-thread of Unexplained Mysteries. Summeries of that discussion are posted on this blog.

23:15 Period 1933-1945: more about this in second part of Red Ice interview (see at 1:25).

23:50 German translator of OLB: Herman Wirth (1885-1981).

24:30 John refers to SS-Ahnenerbe (foundation for research of ancestral heritage), of which both Himmler and Wirth were founders.

24:50 K.M. Willigut (1866-1946), a.k.a Weisthor.

26:40 Reference to fragment of "Frya's Tex" (new translation):
10. If one of them [people of other race] desires to marry one of your daughters and she wants that too, you shall explain her stupidity to her. But if she insists on following her suitor, they then may go in peace.
11. If your sons want any of their daughters, you must do the same as with your daughters. But neither the one, nor the other may ever return, for they would bring back foreign ethics and habits, and if you accept these as your own, I can no longer watch over you.
29:55 Morphic resonance (I erroneously said "morphogenetic"): see short introduction video at 4:30. More detailed presentation:

32:10 Reference to relevant work of Carl Jung. Video by Oscar Turner (Omniphi):

Also recommended: Wotan as Archetype: The Carl Jung Essay by Kerry Bolton.

36:45 Old Frisian language wiki.

40:40 Reference to law against usury.

40:45 Origin of the word "fame", relation to FÁM (Maiden): blogpost.

44:10 Presentation by Red Ice/ Lana Lokteff about the origins of Christmas/ Yule:

44:44 About the words god and good, that were originally the same. Fragment from manuscript, showing symmetry of the word:

In the OLB, "GOD" is the first adjective to describe WRALDA, the most-ancient-one or World-spirit (new translation): "Wralda, who alone is whole (or: good, god, perfect) and eternal, created the potential (or: beginning)"

In various languages:

good - English
goed - Dutch, Frisian
gut - German
gott - Swedish
god - Danish, Norse

god - English, Dutch, Frisian
Gott - German
gud - Swedish, Norse, Danish

53:20 Former border of the Roman Empire, going through the middle of what is now the Netherlands (source):

57:30 The name of OLB's primal mother of the white race is spelled FRYA, which is also the word for "free one" (as in the opposite of slave). Variety in modern languages:
free - English
frei - German
frij - Frisian
vrij - Dutch
fri - Danish, Swedish, Norse
frjáls - Icelandic

1:08:30 "Overarching idea"... I would now say: Honour your ancestors, both the direct ones of the known generations as well as the ancient ones. Celebrate their accomplishments and victories, and learn from their failures and mistakes.

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