13 March 2016

Short bio and blog intro

I was born and raised in rural Westfriesland*, in the Dutch province North-Holland.

Aged 14, I started to study my family history and collect old photos, resulting in a strong connection with my ancestral heritage.

After studying in Amsterdam, I worked for the Dutch union of cinemas and film companies, making statistics and supervising market research.

Disillusioned with the dominating fields of media, politics and science, I rejected the current established order. Since 2004, I travelled and worked on farms, until I met my wife, became father and settled in Germany.

Since 2009, I study the Oera Linda Book (OLB), a controversial manuscript that became well known in the 1870s and had a revival in the 1930s, but is now mostly ignored and forgotten. It is believed by some to be a 13th century copy of pre-Christian texts, while others claim it must be a 19th century forgery.

Fascinated by its language and content, and not convinced by the arguments against its authenticity, I work on a new English translation, which will be published together with a new transliteration and scans of all 190 pages.

Since 2011, I write on the web about the OLB and made a one hour video in English, German, Dutch, Norse and Frisian, refuting the main claims of the hoax-theory.

* Ost- and Northfriesland are regions in Germany. Friesland is a province of the Netherlands and Westfriesland is part of the Dutch province North-Holland. The reason why it is not spelled "West-Friesland" - with a hyphen - is that it is not part of current "Friesland".

The web-name Othar Winis that I have used, is based on my family name (Ott) and the name of the village where I was born (Wijdenes).

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